Bucket List Update #2

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

This one is going to be short & sweet.  Evidently, the hotel we are staying at in Scotland doesn't thing that internet is a necessity in all rooms?

Huh?  Of course it is.

But, I guess I don't run the hotel, so I have to live with my short breaks in the lobby to update ya'll, Facebook, check email and keep up with the world.  Ha.

As far as the bucket list...well,  I did my 4th run for couch to 5K today and we should be registered shortly for the Turkey Day 5K in Minneapolis.  Yippee!

Can I tell you a secret?   This was the first time (I think in my life?) that I did some sort of exercise while away from home.  Must mean I am making some real changes, right?

With lack of internet access, it is allowing for a lot of reading, so have to imagine some progress will be made there too.

So, like I said, short and sweet.  But I have to imagine not having internet might make a good top 10 list for Tuesday... "like top 10 things about NOT having internet".

Now, hopefully I can sneak to the lobby again to post it.

Have a great week, my friends!

p.s.  This was supposed to be published tomorrow, but I guess I am just to excited to be "in touch" so it is being published on Sunday!

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