Top 10 Tuesdays #3: Bathrooms. Really?!

How do I start a post about bathrooms?  Delay it a bit.  Yup, thats it.

No, but really.  First thing first--last week I didn't get a chance to link up because we were in Scotland checking out possible homes.  And the hotel we were staying at had an issue with internet connectivity.  Like, it was pretty limited.  And slow.  But it gave me a good Top 10 topic {that never got linked up}, so please feel free to check it out if you have a few spare minutes.

We DID find a home in Scotland.  Little by little I will share with with you.  I took a bunch of photos.  But you know how it is when it is half vacant, with a bunch of furniture that isn't  yours?

I'd rather show it to you once we are moved in and I get a chance to spruce it up a bit.

But back to bathrooms.  Trust me, we aren't living in any kind of mansion.  But the house has four (four!) bathrooms.  A guest bathroom on the first floor (with a pull string light?!), an "en suite" bathroom in the master bedroom, a family bathroom on the 2nd floor and last, a bathroom on the 3rd floor (think guest suite).

Here is what we are working with when it comes to a few of the bathrooms:
family bathroom on 2nd floor 
guest bathroom on 3rd floor

master bathroom
Are you wondering what this bathroom talk has to do with a top 10 list?  

Well, my top 10 bathroom inspiration photos, of course.  Colors, decorating, and the like.  And I have to get a little creative to spruce 'em up, since there aren't any opportunities for shower curtains.  Or painting.   And notice the complete lack of storage?  Eek. 

1.  If you follow me on pinterest {see that button up on the right?  try it out!} you can see that I have a category called "when i love expedit usage".  You know...the expedit Ikea shelves?  LOVE this usage, never thought of them in a bathroom... 

2. This idea could really add some "style" to our master bathroom.

3. Simple, inexpensive idea to keep things close at hand

Source: bhg.com via Jenny on Pinterest

4.  Pure genius. 

5.  Hehe.  This could be useful for J#3 very soon. 

6.  I think yellow might be a cheery, welcoming color for the guest bathroom.  With some pinapple accessories  perhaps? 

7.  Perfect for the family {a.k.a. kid's} bathroom

Source: etsy.com via Jenny on Pinterest

8. Never would have thought of prints for the bathroom.  But, why not?  Especially if there won't be showers.  I think photos of the kids in the bath would be fun.  

9. I saw an idea about a vintage pail to use for storage in the bathroom.  I have wanted these pails from Ikea for a while.  Bingo!

Source: ikea.com via Jenny on Pinterest

10. Another creative storage idea...where do people come up with this stuff? 

Source: womansday.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Do YOU have any ideas for me?  Let me know in the comments below!  

Oh, and I know.  This blog is about living in the moment, right?  Well, right now all of my moments are pretty occupied with moving.  And the littles, of course.  

Linking up again this week with these lovely ladies... 

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Erica K. said...

Wow!! 4 bathrooms is a lot, especially in the UK!! Thanks for sharing the pics from pinterest, I will have to follow you now! My username is : kickace (maiden name and new last name hybrid) LOL!

Holly said...

Love these ideas! We just bought a house and the bathrooms are in serious need of storage help. I will definitely refer to this post often!

Jenilee said...

great ideas! I loved them all! and 4 bathrooms! wow :)

April said...

I am so going to be doing some of these: vintage pail, coat rack for towels, and I *really* need the bullseye for a certain 3 yo boy... sigh. ;)

Olusola said...

Loving the ideas. Hope to move to our own house too and I'll be revisiting this post for inspiration

The Expat Wife said...

Oh some gorgeous ideas there. I don't have any ideas for you but your ideas might come in handy for me as we are about to move out of our 2 bathroom house in Australia into a 4 bathroom home in Bangkok. Not looking forward to the extra cleaning!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

I love your taste!!! FOUR bathrooms?! That is AWESOME!!! Decorating each one will be super fun! Glad to hear your house hunting went well :)

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