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Hi all!

Instead of our regular Challenge Wednesday, Tracey and I are just trading blogs to share some thoughts on our new Intend to Live home.  Just want to make sure you keep getting a chance to get to know this lovely woman.  So, with that....here she is!

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I have found over the last couple of years that I enjoy writing. It has become comfortable, in a way that my wedding ring feels comfortable. I notice it when it is missing. And I feel naked without it.
Despite the comfort I find, I do not consider myself a writer. Not like Jen, who dreams of having her thoughts, her imagination, printed in some form or another. Nope. Not me. I write like I am talking to a dear friend. My husband recently told me that a common trait of introverts is that they are much more likely to reveal themselves via media such as blogging. That makes sense to me. I cannot always deal with people, and talking exhausts me. I am not socially awkward, nor do I romanticize my solitude. I just need some time to recover after particularly social situations. I have a word limit, and when I have used up all my words I am done. But sometimes I still have things to say.
So I write.
Blogging has become my method of choice for sharing myself with others, and for keeping track of my musings and adventures (read: hair-brained schemes and fickle flitting from one obsession to another). I want to keep doing it, but I want to protect myself. From burnout. From stalemate. From writing becoming a chore.
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Intend to Live was born from a desire to keep life simple, and it has grown into a common theme: get rid of the excess everything so we can spend our time living.

This partnership means we can still record our thoughts, share our dreams, and reveal who we are; it also means we can share the load of writing so we can build more experiences. And building more experiences will in turn give us inspiration
to write.
And, to live.

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Well said Tracey, well said.  

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