Day 65. {perspective}

Last week was last week.  It's over and done with {thankfully}.

This week is a new beginning and begins with good news.

Weight check-in:
Starting weight (this week): 198.4
Goal weight for week (1%): 196.4
End weight:  194.4

Total weight loss (since start):  20.4 pounds 

Four pounds!  20 total?  Happy girl right here.  

It's amazing what a new perspective can do.  When I look at the weight loss as a whole, instead of focusing so much on the tiny weekly number?  It gives me a renewed sense of purpose.  

I started this journey wanting to lose 85 pounds total.  And I am about a fourth of the way there.  

That gives me a boatload of motivation.  

* * * 

What are you thinking about that could use a "new perspective" this week?


Kris said...

congratulations Jenn. Now I'm going to temp you with good things to eat... here's the cinnamon bun recipe that I used (you asked about it on my blog, sorry it took so long getting back to you!)

We used quite a bit more flour than what the recipe calls for. Also, we topped it off with lots of yummy cream cheese frosting. I mean come on, a cinnamon bun is not a cinnamon bun without loads of frosting!

Danielle said...

Go you!! Keep at it, you look great!!

Nics Cahill said...


I am so happy and proud of you. I know what the weightloss journey is like, I have been there, I am still on it. But pound by pound is the way to celebrate! I have written about this in my book, which is about my weightloss journey. I am now on the publishing journey.

Can I really encourage you to celebrate - here's a fun exercise, buy some cheap lard - like the 20p stuff in tesco - or just pile it in your trolley, and take a photo, then leave it back on the shelf. BUt bascially get 20lbs of the stuff - and look at it. Really look, that is the weight you have lost. You are amazing. I celebrate with you today.


Thank you also for the beautiful comments on my blog.

Crazycurls said...

What a way to finish! Do you get a small break before the new game starts or do you jump right in? Good luck!

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