March 6 2009

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Yes.  Three.

 Our first born.  The one who made us parents. 

Our pride and joy.  Our Jersey boy.

Our affectionate buddy.  Our jokester.  Our ball of energy.  
 Our man of few words.  
 But, who needs words... With HIS personality? 
I wish you all could meet him {those that haven't yet}. 
 He would introduce you first to his sister, cutting off the first letter of her name.
And would show you how he gives her a kiss and hug, out of the blue.  For no reason. 
And trust me when I say....  He would make you smile.  
Because he makes me smile.  Every. Single. Day. 

Happy Birthday Bud.  

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  This kid has been in a different place for every single birthday. 
New Jersey (where he was born), Minnesota, the Netherlands and now Scotland.    
But at least all of them have been a "home".  
And hopefully we are helping to foster an adventurous spirit. 

Although, some day, I'll probably regret that statement.  Ha. 

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Lori said...

Happy Birthday Joey!

Shell said...

It goes so quickly!

What a cutie!

Laurie J said...

happy bday to your lil man! what an exciting life he's had so far :)

Keren said...

So sweet. I'm currently without a 3-year-old: I have a 2yo and 4yo. What a precious age, and handsome boy!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my. Tears started to fall when I looked at these pictures. So absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful little life. I am glad you get to be his Mama : ) Happiest of birthdays to your baby.

Lori said...

So nice! My daughter is turning 3 in 2 months. It's exciting for sure!

Nicolette said...

Such a sweetie! My daughter will be 3 soon and I can't believe it. Time just flies. Happy Birthday to your Little Man!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Such a handsome little man :) Happy Birthday!

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