To my dearest blog

Yes, you read right.  This is a letter to my blog.  But you better read along.  I am pretty sure you might be interested in it.  Plus, all the cool kids are doing it. 

Dearest Drop {That is your first name, right?  Guess I should know, since I named you.},

We really just jumped into this whole thing, didn't we?  There wasn't really a "getting to know you" period, you know, with the small talk and random questions.  So I thought I'd take a couple of minutes to fill you in on the things you might have {or maybe never did} wonder:  

The ABC's of Me:  
{an idea most completely not mine...I was inspired by Megan, from Across the Pond who happens to live pretty close to me but I don't know her in real life at all...just sayin'}

Age: 32  33 {what is it about being in your thirties and forgetting that you had a birthday?  or is that just me?}

Bedsize: Queen...although I a dream of a King

Chores that you hate:  Dusting is my nemesis.  But truthfully? Most of them.  {that'd be why they are called chores}

Dogs:  Sadly, allergic to them. 

Essential start to your day: Coffee. and Exercise.  {Wait.  Did I just type that?}

Favorite color: green and orange in general, red and blue in decorating

Gold or Silver: silver

Height: 5'5 and a half.  {yes, the half matters}

Instruments you play: The xylophone

Job title:  
Changer of diapers.  
Writer?  Yes, writer.
Project Manager {when I was working outside the home...and yes, I still am, am I not?}
Kids: Silly blog.  You know them...
J#4...our little girl...sweets

J#3...our firstborn...all boy

Live: Scotland {for now}
Mother's Name: Clara or Mom, or Grandma C
Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, JennyJenny, JJ, Kiddo
Overnight hospital stays: 7.  Yes.  7.  {when I was born, my 1st open heart surgery at 6, tonsils out in 4th grade, my non-open-heart surgery when I was 25--that's a fun story for another day, my open-heart surgery when I was 25, and two sweet babies later}
Pet peeves:  Whistling.
Quote from a movie or tv show "Begin each day is if it were on purpose." {Hitch}
Right or Lefty:  Right
Siblings: Yup.  
Time you wake up:   6 am on the weekdays. On the weekends?  Whenever the toddler decides he can't play in his room anymore which usually means earlier than seems right. 
Underwear:  Of course. 
Vegetable you hate:  I'd say beets, but I haven't even tried them...so that wouldn't be fair.  I mean, I tried herring at Christmas and actually liked it...so who knows? 
{this is my "hmm, I actually liked it" face...in case you couldn't tell}

What makes you run late: Children.  But even with them I tried my hardest to not be late. 
X-Rays You've Had:  see "o" above:  so, a whole bunch. 
Yummy food you makeChicken enchiladas, banana bread....and...and...this is a tough one.  Let's just say cooking isn't my strong suit. 
Zoo Animal:  Elephants.  

So with that, dear blog, you should know me a little better.  

*  *  *
In case you were wondering... 
Erin would be said "cool kid"
and hilarious.  you should check her out.


Tracy Jensen said...

Super cute.....I love your post! I totally wanted to do this when I read yours. Thanks for sharing! :)

BARBIE said...

What a fun way to get to you know you. I did a post like this recently on my blog. Your children are adorable!

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