Coming attractions...

Hey ya'll.

First of all...there was question after yesterday's post about whether or not this bloggity blog would still be up when Intend to Live makes its humble entrance to the world on Sunday.

The short answer is, yes.  It'll always be here for history's sake, but the answer that you were probably looking for? I won't be updating it much.

The idea behind creating the new home was to cut back on my blogging time so I can focus on other things.   But the best part of the new home?
There are two of us, so much more {and better!} content.

Tracey knows her way around a kitchen a bit better than I do.  Which means more recipes, like sauerkraut and ideas for picky eaters.  {Guessing sauerkraut won't be on that list.  Hehe.}

I'm going to get back to my roots a bit and talk about bucket lists, and how to start one in case you've been thinking about it.  There are a ton of resources out there, so I'll be sharing some of that.  Not even that, but there will be more coming about healthy living.

And who knows....we might even drop a giveaway or two in there.  So make sure to follow here or at Tracey's home, to make sure you are there for the big launch!

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