February {in photos}

I am guessing most of you have heard of Instagram {an app on the Iphone to take photos and give them some fun effects}?  My user name is jenbucket.  If you are there, come find me.

I joined in with a HUGE crew to do the #febphotoaday with Fat Mum Slim.

Don't have Instagram?  Want to see my photos?

Well, you ask, and I deliver:

feb 1: my view today {Scottish hills and turn-a-rounds.  The entrance into our neighborhood.  On our way back home from dropping off J#3's nursery school application.}

feb 2: words {on a map}

feb 3: hands

feb 4: a stranger {a neighbor we haven't met yet}

feb 5: 10am {drinking coffee}

feb 6: dinner {the best part...dessert}

feb 7: button {oops, almost forgot to take the photo this day...on an old, baggy pair of jeans}

feb 8: sun {don't get much, but these cute faces make up for it...mostly}

feb 9: front door {all locked up tight for the night}

feb 10:  self portrait

feb 11: makes me happy

feb 12: inside my closet {see the hidden presents? he hasn't discovered them yet.  5 more days...}

feb 13: blue {on my favorite new walker}

feb 14:  hearts {x 2, to prove that yes, valentines is just as "big" of a holiday here in Scotland.  and we still don't celebrate it in our house.}

feb 15: phone {we have 2 home phones.  Scottish & American-via Vonage} 

feb 16: something new {coffee in the evening...decaf, but something new}

feb 17: time

feb 18: drink {blue mountains = ice cold beer = ready to drink}

feb. 19: something I hate to do {dust}

feb. 20: handwriting

feb. 21: a fave photo of me

feb. 22: where I work {so glamorous, no?}

feb. 23: my shoes {favorite ever. I think this is the first time I have actually worn OUT a pair of shoes.}

feb. 24: inside your bathroom cabinet 

feb. 25: green {chair.  and a husband tired of photo taking}

feb. 26: night {in my new favorite place}

feb. 27: something I ate

feb. 28: money {bought this table & chairs.  the best purchase we have made in a while}

feb. 29: something i'm listening to {a Dutch music maker}

Whew...and February only had 29 days.  Wonder if I can keep it up for 31 days in March?  

If you are on Instagram, but don't have time to track me down, leave your user name in the comments below & I'll find you!

* * *

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momto8 said...

wow...very cool pictures! you have me convinced i need something I am perfectly happy i don't have!! you should get a commission!

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