I know sometimes what messes our life up most — is the expectation of what our life is supposed to look like. Entitlement can leave you feeling entirely empty.
That quote was part of a recent post on inCourage written by Ann Voskamp about being a prodigal parent.  Wow, does that woman have a way with words, or what?  The entire post is amazing, but...

I can't even begin to tell you how much these two sentences hit my chest like a ton of bricks.  

"Entitlement can leave you feeling entirely empty."  Does it ever.  We think we have this hold on life, we think we can pick and choose which direction it is going to take.  We can't.  

HE does that for us.  
And when I think about it even more...what if you don't have a concrete expectation of what your life is supposed to look like?  

This is what I am like.  Although, even though I don't have specific expectations, I still find myself feeling entitled.  So, obviously, I do have expectations

But it seems not knowing specifically what those expectations are could leave you feeling even MORE empty.  Until you realize that maybe you have an advantage since you DON'T have expectations. 

Even when my spirituality has waned and I haven't felt as close to Him, I have always had the firm belief that God has a plan for all of us.  There is a purpose for everything that happens, be it tragic or triumphant.  

And for that knowledge, I am eternally grateful. 

* * *

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If you know me at all, you know THESE would be the best gift EVAH for me.  
Hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.  
Although I don't know who reading this would buy them for me, but a girl can dream.  ;)


LoveFeast Table said...

She does have a way with words...and you're so right, entitlement can leave us wanting more, not feeling fulfilled. Great post and thank you so much for linking up. We're glad you joined us!
~Chris Ann & Kristi

the Blah Blah Blahger said...

What encouragement, huh?! Great post!!!

Samantha said...

So true! Thanks for writing on this prompt!

Have a great day!

Julianna Morlet said...

Beautiful! :)

Danielle said...

I love this, I will be applying this to my life in those not so fun circumstances. Thanks for the great post!

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