Fun {in Glasgow} & Business

First the business {even though IT is fun too}:

  • Psst..come over here...I want to say this quietly so the # doesn't change suddenly.  See my google friend connect widget over there {look to the right under "love these readers"}?  100.  100 readers. Wow.  I used to care a LOT more about the numbers than I do now, but still...that is pretty. darn. cool. Thank you for being readers!
  • AND I got a "steller waist watcher"honor this week.  Check that out HERE
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Okay, now on the the even MORE fun stuff.  

Last Friday I talked about how I wanted to have more memories, more moments to carry with me.  In that spirit we decided, sort of impromptu, to head into Glasgow on Sunday.  

And I'm quite sure we'll be making several trips back there.  Glasgow is Scotland's Minneapolis compared to Edinburgh, which I would call Scotland's St. Paul.  Except that, of course, ALL of Scotland has way more history that Minneapolis OR St. Paul {but that goes without saying}.  There is a ton of shopping {for when I am DONE with Game On and want to go shopping again!} and sites to be seen.
One of these times, we are taking a sightseeing bus.  You know, because that would be educational.

One thing that constantly amazes me about Europe is the mix of old and new.  

Like this building that you can tell was built a long time ago...
Look at the bottom.  See that TGI Friday's sign?  
We also saw quite possibly one of the best Apple Store locations evah.  {I'll get a photo of that next time}

Little lady just MIGHT be teething {when are these little beings NOT teething?} a bit. 
 But is also excited about the new found freedom that being a walker affords her.
Street magician.  Oh, and check out the guy on the right hand corner.  Smiling for the camera.  

And another guy smiling for the camera. 
Playing with buckles.  Always playing with buckles. 

 Trying to escape.  But Daddy is too fast for her.
Di Maggio's--Quite possibly one of the most child friendly restaurants I've come across here. 
{that doesn't have an indoor playground}

Oh, and they have good bruschetta. 

So what did you do this weekend to live life in the moment & fill up that memory meter? 

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Gerty Mitchell said...

THAT BLUE BOX!!!!! Dr Who!!!!!!

Molly said...

I didn't know there was a tardis there... I would love to get some shots of that. *adds to list of places to visit.

Looks like you had an amazing weekend all round.


ChantaleP said...

Love these photos! I'd love to visit Glasgow one day.. wow just terrific. And your little wee ones are too cute. : ) Visiting over from Sweet Shot Tuesdays.

The Blonde Duck said...

I've always wanted to go!

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Ok...I've been dying to go back to Glasgow since I was there several years ago. Particularly lately. Now if I could just scrimp and save enough. I've got family I need to see there!! :) Love the pics.

nics cahill said...

Jen - I love your photos of Glasgow - what a great city. Edinburgh, and St Andrews will always hold my heart, but Glasgow is a pulsating fun place. I hope you are enjoying Scotland. I love reading about what you get up to.

Thank you for your kind, and very encouraging comments on my blog, I read everyone, and appreciate you, and your words so much. Well done with the weightloss - you can do it, I know it.


BARBIE said...

The photos of Glasgow are amazing! I love the architecture. And you most likely have more than 100 followers, as I following via RSS! Have a great day.

Amber E. said...

Oh, your blog makes me "Europe sick". Or homesick for my family's time in Europe. Enjoy all the traveling while you can, it's so beautiful over there!

Em S said...

What a fun trip. Your kids are adorable, and I agree, when aren't these little beings teething!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I have never been to Europe... hopefully one day. I too love the mix of old and new. Just beautiful! Looks like a wonderful day. Great photos! :)

Craftwhack said...

These photos are so cool- I really need to see more of Europe. And I love your acting on a thought to make more memories; it's so easy to get caught up in the everyday and forget to do things that are out of your comfort/normalcy zone. Okay, you have inspired me for a summer of adventures! Oh, and thanks for coming to visit on my SITS day yesterday!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

And *I* am your 101st follower! All because I'm so happy you visited me and made such a lovely comment on my SITS post today. (Also followed you on Twitter and FB). Happy to meet you!

And Scotland . . . ah yes, now I can live vicariously through you!

By Word of Mouth Musings said...

great photo's, its been years since i was in Glasgow.
It is wonderful that there is the mix of the old and the new and they keep the old ... so many places they just tear it down - breaks my heart!

Erika B said...

I love street photos! These are just great!

Erika B

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