Pin it? Do it! Week #2: Vases & water. But not together.

Everyone needs a bit of inspiration don't they?  Especially on that topsy-turvy road we like to call "losing weight & living well."   So, I have a few nuggets today.

Hopefully you will find these as revolutionary as I did.

Or, at least get a kick out of how my mind REVOLVES around this journey right now.

First up is an idea that I found on Pinterest {click here for the original pin}.
This comes compliments of Ikea.  

{Well, not completely.  And no, they didn't give me anything to write about how I could find just about everything for this project, and for less than about 10 bucks or so. -frown face here- 
Although, they should give us something with the amount of money we have spent there.  Seriously, my house could be an advertisement for them.  But THAT is a story for another day.}

A few vases, some rocks and a few flowers to lighten it up and I have an instant incentive to get weight off.  And keep taking it off.  Because who would want the "Lost" vase to stay that empty, right?  

I had to mix it up a bit with small AND big rocks to fill the vase...but my thought is that as I get farther down the road and the pounds aren't as easy to lose?   Those are the big rocks. 

Also?  My first time working with chalkboard markers.         and I'm in love.  

* * * 

Next up is an idea I got from one of my competitors in this round of our "Game On" competition, Amanda M.  She mentioned that she was keeping track of how many bottles of water she had drunk by using rubber bands.  

GENIUS.  GENIUS I tell you! 
As soon as I get done posting this blog post???  I will be pinning it.  Because this idea MUST be shared world-wide.  {Okay, so I am sure people have thought of it before.  But I was enraptured with the idea.}

During our first round I was keeping track with tick marks on a board in my kitchen.  But this idea is SO much better.  This way I have a constant reminder of how much water I've had.

We are supposed to have 100 oz of water for the game {a lot, I know!}, so once I have those four rubber bands on the bottle?  I'm good.  Everything additional is just gravy.

Well, actually, it's water.  Sometimes with a lemon wedge.

In case you were wondering.

Which you probably weren't.

* * *

Linking up again this month with Keeping up with the Johnsons and new this time, I am also linking up at It's a Crafty Life for her Fit Club (so excited that I just found this one!).


{cuppakim} said...

oooh love both of these ideas a LOT.
the rubber band one is GREAT!
you should start your day out with them on your wrists and move them to the bottle as you drink! that way you have a little reminder with you too!

Jessica Johnson said...
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Jessica Johnson said...

Love these ideas!!! Especially the rock vases. And I want to marry chalkboard markers. IN. LOVE. Thanks for linking up, Jen!! I'm so happy you did!

Anonymous said...

I think these are great ideas! I've seen the rock one before but kind of forgot about it. I think maybe I will try that this week for some motivation, something I am sorely lacking right now ha! But the rubber band idea is great! I have a friend who is always trying to count up how many glasses of water she has drank and I think she'd love this idea. So glad you found us and thanks for linking up this week!

LN said...

What a great ideas! Both are new, and I'm totally going to try them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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