Bucket List Action: Loch Lomond, Scotland

It is an interesting life, being an expat.  

You are in a foreign country, surrounded by new people, new scenery, new customs {yes, even in Scotland}.  But at the same time you are living your regular life.  Husband goes off to work, diapers to change, laundry to do. 

But in this life {and really any life} there is so much to be thankful for. 
Like a weekend trip to do some "sightseeing". 
This past weekend, we made a trip to Loch Lomond, about an hour away from our home, through many windy and narrow Scottish roads. 

We started out the weekend at the aquarium. Obviously.  
And I was taken aback by how quickly she is growing up.  Thankful that I get to spend each day watching her develop bit by bit.
 The aquarium had an observation deck on their top floor.  So here are J#1 & J#3, doing just that.
We made our way to the hotel and found the kiddo's room.  Cute, right?  Only J#3 got to use it though.
And after a bit of a rest, we headed to find our way to dinner.  The plan was to find a playground that had looked on the map like it was on the way to the restaurant.

It wasn't.

But we found other ways to amuse ourselves.

Daddy tried showing J#3 how to skip rocks.  This would be J#3's attempt....

And Daddy's.
This is when I am thankful for his experience {and a great photo opp}. 

And this one?  Adventurous and stubborn.  Oh boy girl.  Quite the combination, isn't it?

* * *

On Sunday we headed into the nearby town and got ready to board our "cruise", which involved some hanging 'round the dock first. 

Sister and brother doing a bit of discovering.

And then it was on to the boat.  Evidently three & one year olds aren't so into the scenery?  Although J#3 did make friends with the couple sitting in the booth behind us.

Here is J#4 before her minor meltdown that led into her falling asleep in my arms holding her shortbread cookie as a "teddy".  Seriously, I tried taking it out of her hand? And she woke up and cried.
Goofy.  But cute. 

And here are the money shots.  

Our hotel, from the lake Loch.

So thankful for these out of the ordinary experiences that are blending into our ordinary lives.

*  *  *

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The Fontenot Four


Cami said...

Gorgeous photos...wow!!! :)
I am going to have to catch up on your blog to see what you're doing in Scotland!! Hope you have time to make it over to Edinburgh - I lived there for about 6 months and fell in love with that city. HUGS.

Love your beautiful thankful heart, too!

Happy Thursday :)

Anonymous said...


Sonja B. Ebling said...

Jealous!! Looks like u had fun!!!!!

Krista said...

Oh so beautiful! I was blessed to go to Scotland once (my heritage on my mother's side). I remember those beautiful "Bens" and the fabulous castles! Dunderave Castle on Loch Fyne is my family's castle, well once was but no more :(

Glad you had a good trip, love the pics!

Positively Alene said...

Love your piece and photos! We were stationed in Germany for three years and I totally get that everything is different, yet somehow everything is the same. Thanks for stopping by yesterday for my SITS Day.

Sarah Fontenot said...

Beautiful!! Sigh. Definitely want to head back over there!! Thanks for linking up.

thetoddlerwhisperer said...

Gorgeous photos and children. :) Lots to be thankful for. :)

Lori said...

What fun to get out and see all those great sites. Great pics! The kids are getting so big, tell them we say Hi. Have a great weekend.

Danielle said...

Wonderful Pictures! I wanna go to Scotland~glad your having a ball!

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