Five Minute Friday: Brave

Ha.  Haha.   If only Lisa-Jo knew how easy she was making Five Minute Friday for me this week.  Brave is my ONE WORD for 2012.  I wrote about it here and here and here.  

But I'll write about it again.  Because it's Friday, and that's what I do.  Write for five minutes.  So here it goes...

* * * 

Brave.  Don't we all want to be brave?  To have the confidence and the guts to do what needs to be done?  I know I do.  And I also know that I have spent a lot of time not having the guts.  Not being brave.  Being scared to live life in fear that...that, I don't know what.

But I do know that I have found courage.  I have found the way to be brave, and it is because of Him.

If you could only read my personal journal.  The change that took place sometime between February 22 and March 10.  It is like night and day.  I went from being scared, to be excited.

I went from someone who would have have been scared about even writing that last paragraph for so many people to see, to someone who knows that people will respect me for being open, for being truthful about becoming more faithful.

I look at my children, and as children they seem brave {except when trying new foods.  ha.}, but it is likely because they don't know a reason to not be brave.  And while I can't shelter them from life, I CAN give them the tools to approach life with a brave attitude.

To reach out and make friends, to live a healthy and faithful life.  {Especially since now that I finally have those tools, I can help them learn about them too.  And I am so thankful for that.}

* * *


BARBIE said...

I am thankful for your bravery and that I found you through blogging!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

God's timing is a.maz.ing!
just when you need to example 'brave' before them, God has grown it in you... lovely!
blessings on your momming :)

Sarah said...

Love this bravery in the midst of the big and small. Visiting from Gypsy Mama and glad to have found your post today!

Ruby's said...

Salute to the everyday bravery that keeps us all going.

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