Five Minute Friday: Loud

Friday.  Thank God for Friday.  Especially this one.  I am spent.  But SO excited about my weight loss, so I might even come back today to give y'all an update.

But, it's Friday, and so that means it is time for Five Minute Friday.  This week?  The prompt is loud. 

*  *  *
In recent years, the thoughts in my head were loud.  The ones that said, "I wonder what they'll think."  I don't know if I should do that, what would people say?  

But thanks to recent events, I am not nearly as worried about that any more.  And when I start to go down that road?  I remind myself (again) that I have surrendered (again).

There are still things I keep to myself, and maybe just share with my husband and my mom.  Because not everything needs to be out there.  Out loud for the world to see.

But, all in all?  This feels so much better. When you are not as worried about what everyone is going to think? When you know that your decisions and thoughts and feelings are being lead by a Greater Power? There is much more confidence.  I step outside that comfort zone.

And the comfort zone becomes larger.  And I feel more free to be the true me.  The positive, upbeat, encouraging {maybe annoying?} friend.

The girl who wants to share my story, well...most of it.  That hopes that my story will help other people, because hopefully by writing, I will be ministering.

*  *  *


Tim and Richelle said...

appreciated this. it always astounds me how negative somehow shouts so much louder than encouragement. only by God's grace can we find the balance between accurate assessment and self-browbeating, eh?


Laura said...

From where I sit, I always assume Americans living abroad are brave and uneffected by thoughts of what others think. But we are all women. Doesn't every women struggle with this at some point? So glad God is giving you confidence.

Nics Cahill said...

'Because not everything needs to be out there. Out loud for the world to see.'

When we know this, I think we can find a freedom, that didn't otherwise exist. When to speak, when to be silent, what to share, what to hold onto. A heartfelt post Jen - I am excited for you about your weightloss. Well done, looking forward to reading more.


Jamie said...

Have a great weekend!

BARBIE said...

Beautiful words! Can't wait to hear about your weight loss.

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