Writer's Block.

I never thought I would run into writer's block with this here blog.  But, alas, looks like I have.

But photos?  Those are still happening.  And a few random thoughts to accompany them...read on.

 J#3 turns 3 in March. It seems like time for him to phase out sippy cups.  He wouldn't have anything to do with drinking straight out of the glass though.  Lucky I had a supply of straws {that I have literally moved about six times.}

Oh, and J#3 sort of has split personalities when it comes to photo taking.  Exhibit A is above.

Exhibit B.
Ham.  He is a ham.  Sometimes.

And, just so we make sure that she isn't missed...
J#4, post chocolate chip cookie.  And...my sudden realization last night.

Her GOLDEN birthday is going to be THIS year.  February 1.  Just doesn't seem right.  We don't have plans to do anything big or exciting. And now don't have time to get it arranged either!

Or am I the only one that things golden birthdays are a big deal?

So tell me:  
Sippy cups?  When should they be done?  
Golden Birthdays?  Big deal or no? 

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Cass said...

Hi Jen,

My son is 3 and honestly he still doesn't like drinking from a cup. He has to at the table but around the house I let him use straws, well just because he is around the house (and there would be water and juice everywhere without it). The bad thing is my daughter now follows him around and if the cup is in striking distance she is there ready to either drink it or take the straw out and pour it everywhere : ) Oh well!

As for the golden year number one, we just had a small party for my daughter (the straw and cup thief). This was one was much smaller than my son's big number one bash (poor second child). But we all had fun. We only invited a few close friends and family.
Good luck.

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Hey! My daughter is going to be 3 in March too. She still drinks from a sippy cup, but also drinks from a cup (with or without straw). I like the sippy cup for when she is roaming about the house - less chance for a spill :)

Meredith Graham said...

Hi Jen! We only use sippy cups in the car. I guess I started Dina early with drinking from a cup (at about a year?) because she was interested and I thought it a good idea to get her started. Golden Birthdays: very big deal. I was lucky mine was one I can remember at 12. Doesn't seem fair to have to have it at only one year old! But then again, it doesn't have to be a big deal when they are that little. Glad you are enjoying your new home!

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