Starting 2012 with randomness...and a few treats!

Wowza. It has been a crazy few days.   22 hours of travel, which included an hour delay, an 8 1/2 hour flight from Minneapolis to Paris, a seven hour layover in Paris, and an hour and half flight to Edinburgh with two energetic and...just plain awesome kids.

Whew. We are home in Scotland.

And glad to be here. {even though I am missing our family and friends back in Minnesota and all of the great times we had over the last five weeks...but more about that soon.}


I had prepared an entire post including my "top 11 photos of '11 of my kids".  And then lost it.  Kaput.  Gone.

So, while I put that back together, here are a few treats for you:

#1.  I should have provided a link to this on Wednesday:
This is my sweet niece E opening a gift I made her.  Check out Tracey's blog to read more about it.  Fitting for today, since it is a calendar...that she gets to start using today!

#2.  And remember my friend Sonja, who I ran ran/walked the Turkey Day 5K with?  She went and started a blog.  Check it out.  Make sure to follow her, she is a fun and energetic woman who I am happy to be able to call a friend.

That's all for now folks.  Come back tomorrow for a recap of 2011 in photos.  And eventually I will get around to those darn New Year's resolutions.  {hehe}

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