Challenge Wednesday #16

Hey friends!

Wednesday!  Yahoo!  Almost half way thru the week.  What's on tap for the weekend???

I'm going be gearing up for "Game On!" {there is still time to join in!}

But first, Wednesday means that it is time for a challenge, and this time Tracey challenged me.  Go on over to her blog, Control the Chaos, and check it out.

If you are new around here, Tracey is a friend of mine {whom I wouldn't have met if it weren't for living in the Netherlands}, and we have been giving each other challenges.  She does her best to live a pretty natural lifestyle, using homemade products (food and otherwise), so there is less she has to worry about when it comes to...well, life.  And I am hoping to follow in her footsteps.  

Go on now...I'll wait.

Alright, now that you did that...what are some homemade items I should make?

Talk more soon pals.

Ba-bye for now.

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