Here is the truth.

Sometimes I use this hir' blog as a journal. I start a new post, write it out, and then leave it as a draft.

And I don't publish it.

Because it seems a bit too raw, a bit too real.  There are real life people I know who read this, okay?

But, that is the whole reason for blogging, right? To express yourself?

So here I am...laying it out.

There is a woman I want to "be".  I think I have glamourized her into this:

Well, sort of.  I mean, I don't want to BE Cameron Diaz.  But that outfit on my body.  Sure.  I'd take that. Have you seen "Bad Teacher"?   I have...bad film, but Cameron?  She's got a hot bod {especially for a 39 year old--but she hasn't had kids, right?  [wink]}.

Sort of the Ryan Gosling of females.  {Or Bradley Cooper, if he is more your type.}  Or George Clooney, Brad Pitt...Swoon. Ah, how I could go on...

My intent is to get to a point where I feel a BIT more like this woman this year.  I have said it out loud: "This is 2012.  My year of being healthy, losing weight (for the last time) and being 'the woman' I want to be."

But let me take a step back. What the heck is wrong with this girl?
Nothing, really. Except that she is bad at taking photos of herself in a mirror.

But she I want to be healthy and active.  For me.  For my husband.  For the two youngsters I hope to see get married and have children.  I have a previous condition that might make that hard, so...

So, lose weight?  I will.

So, get healthy? Sure thing.

So, run?  Yup, you bet.

Are you with me?  Come back tomorrow friends, and see how I am thinking I will do it... and join me.  Tell me if you want to be part of our "Game On" teams in the comment section! 


The Sauls said...

I'd love to join in! You're beautiful already, but it's always a good thing to make sure you're being healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo pick me pick me! I want to get healthy, lose weight and run this year too!

Sonja B. Ebling said...

I'm with you sister!!! You ARE BRAVE!!! You ARE BEAUTIFUL! And you are a continual inspiration TO ME!! (frankly your guts is the only reason I'm brave enough to do this GameOn thing!!)

You've got what it takes, and you already ARE that woman.... we all are, we just have to unearth her, or something philosophical like that!!!!! Jan. 16th is coming up!!!

Game on baby!!


warmchocmilk said...

Ugh. Yes! Just has third baby and have 40 lbs to lose! Can be Jessica Alba. Since you're gonna be Cameron and all ;) but seriously, I'm in!

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