One Word. Ten Ways.

I've never been good at New Year's Resolutions. IF I even come up with one, it is usually too BIG or unrealistic to achieve.  Or stick to.  For even a week.

This year, I heard about the One Word 365 idea, and fell in love.

Let's cut straight to the point word:  BRAVE

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"Woman, you live in a foreign country, you are brave!" you might be thinking.  True dat.

But, other than that fact, I am NOT brave.  I am one big old scaredy cat.  And my goal is to change that this year.

And let me show you how...

1.  I will be BRAVE enough to try new foods.  Like veggies.  I am that mom who never served veggies with dinner.  This year, I will.

2.  I will be brave enough to speak my mind.  Clearly.  I can mumble a bit.  One of my poor husband's pet peeves about me.   This year, I'll speak clearly.

3.  I will be BRAVE enough to make blogging productive.  I want to develop my blogging "hobby" into something that can be beneficial and helpful for readers. This year, I'll help you.

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4.  I will be BRAVE enough to have a purpose driven life.  I've always heard about that, and thought I was living it.  But who knows if I am?  This year, I'm reading the book and living it.

5.  I will be BRAVE enough to meet new people.  Having recently moved to Scotland, I need to get out and meet new people...which scares the living daylights out of me.  This year, I am going to be confident and not scared.

6. I will be BRAVE enough to truly run a 5K {or more!}.  Last year I started the habit, and participated in an event.  This year, I am going to run the entire 5K.

7. I will be BRAVE enough to take the next step with my book. In November, I wrote a novel.  But it has been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust.  This year, I am going to do something with it.

8. I will be BRAVE enough to find a babysitter and go on dates with my husband.  Last year, having a newborn baby, and being in a foreign-speaking country supposedly prevented me from doing this {bad excuses}.  This year, it's gonna happen.

9. I will be BRAVE enough to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  Something has been holding me back all these years.  This year, I am going to team up with friends, take the bull by the horns, and stop messing around.  Game on!

10. I will be BRAVE enough to discover.  To take time to learn about Scotland, England and Ireland and their respective histories.  And then... This year, we will take trips to see the historical places in person.

Expect me to check in from time to time on this list.  And demonstrate how I am being BRAVE.

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Lorie Smith said...

LOVE these! Thanks for sharing! The quotes that go along with each of the ten are inspiring! :-)
I am on the way to check out the one word 365!

Lexi said...

Visiting from the One Word site... last year my one word was BRAVE and I will never be the same! Praying for you as your embark on this amazing year!!!!

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Love this!! And I love all the quotes.

Good luck :) and Happy New Year!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Good for you! I was too chicken to pick the word brave;) Maybe next year. This year I'm trying to be more disciplined. That's my one word.
Have fun with all the things you will experience in your bravery!
(visiting from One Word)

Cass said...


I love your blog and I totally love this idea. One word. It makes it so easy and "brave" is such a great word. I too wish to be brave on so many levels as well. I tried to make small step resolutions and one of them was more dates with my husband too (and we have the built in babysitters of family nearby so definitely no excuses). Our daughter is about to be 1 and our son is 3 so yeah really again no more excuses.

Thanks for your blog and this post. Cass

laura @ hollywood housewife said...

What an awesome post!! And, um, you wrote a NOVEL in November?! This is huge and amazing.

Good luck with your bravery. If you ask me, you already seem pretty darn brave.

(Also? I usually forget to serve veggies, too.)

Claire said...

Following you from Layla's word party-Stop by for a visit!

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