A Blurry Life.


I am so amazed at how J#3 and J#4 are forming a relationship.  Playing together.  Fighting over toys.  Fighting for attention.  

But the most fascinating part of watching them develop is watching their individual personalities develop. 

First, there is J#3.  
He is a lounger.  He could sit around watching movies or t.v. all day if I let him.  Which I don't. 

{Of course.}  

He is quite a bit like me, to be honest.  

Then, there is J#4. 
This one.  She can watch cartoons for a bit, but then she needs to play.  Needs to be doing something else.  And the amazing thing?  She actually uses toys for the proper use, like trying to put the pieces in this toy.  And if that doesn't work, just opening the top to get them in.  {Why am I so surprised?  Because J#3 didn't do that at her age...maybe that's a boy thing?}

So J#3 reminds me of her dad.  Dude can't sit still much.  And can find a solution for just about any problem.

I want both the kiddos to be like my husband, J#1, when it comes to their level of activity.  Well, I want them to be like him in general, but I have some not-so-bad traits myself.  

So anyways...I find myself allowing J#3 to be a lazy two year old.  And that is not a good thing.  Why? 

Well, because I am being lazy.  

Source: pinterest.com via Jenny on Pinterest

I'll admit, January was a tough month for me. There isn't a lot of sunlight {or sun for that matter} in Scotland in January.  That makes me grumpy.  And unmotivated.  

But January is over. 

Source: imgfave.com via Jenny on Pinterest

Live in the present, I will. 

And I will make sure my kiddos do too. 
Even if it is a little blurry.  

Well, it should be blurry.  

Because we won't just be sitting around.  


Jessica said...

Your kids are so cute. And I agree, must be a boy thing, because both of my boys NEVER use their toys for what they are actually intended for.

Shell said...

Oh, I love that quote about the present!

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