Bucket List Update: Learn how to make omelets? Check!

There is SO much I want to tell you all about.

Our trip to Minnesota.

More about my one word for the year {BRAVE}.

And, oh, so much more.

But, the main purpose for this blog is to write about checking items off of my bucket list, each drop in the bucket.  Oh, you get the name of the blog now, huh?  {hehe}

So, first things first.

And, funny enough, this does actually sway into talking about our trip to Minnesota and being brave.
See, I had my brother teach me how to make omelets while we were back in Minnesota.  And it made me nervous...very nervous.

But, I was brave, because my brother worked at Perkins {a breakfast restaurant, for those not from the U.S.} in high school, so I consider him an omelet expert.  And he's a good teacher.  And has the perfect set up for it...its sort of like a cooking show.  Hehe.

But anyhoo... do you want to know the key to a really good omelet?
The spatula  {or turner, as the one I found here was called}.  Make sure it is thin...the thinnest you can find.

The recipe is pretty simple.  Obviously, eggs are involved.  Some milk {if you don't have ready beat eggs...you know, like if you live in Scotland and they don't have Egg Beaters}. Beat that together.  Pour on a pretty hot griddle. And then be ready.

This is the expert showing me how to spread the eggs.  I wasn't quite gentle enough.  I'm still working on that.  {wink}

Then load up all your goodies.  My favorite?
Cheese.  Of course. 

Then you gotta fold up the sides and get ready to flip that baby over onto the plate.  Another VERY key {and nerve-wracking for me} part of the process.  

We spent one morning with my brother D {which happens to be what J#3 calls him...D} teaching me...sort of like that cooking show I mentioned.  Then, when we had another morning where I did it myself.  But with help, of course.  Then we made them for the family.  

That was my real test... 
A happy customer?  Perhaps.  Although on his "comment card" he mentioned I could have included more ingredients.  But overall, I think he rated it a 4 out 5.  
Pretty good for a first try, huh? 

Oh, and who photographs an omelet on a yellow plate?  Me.  Oh yeah,  this girl, right here.  Sigh.  

So I bet you are wondering if I've tried it back here in Scotland. I have...but I need to get used to our gas stove, the pan was a bit hot and my omelet was brown.  


I guess the student still has some homework to do.  


E@ act fast chef said...

Looks great! Good for you for learning how to do it properly. I just hope and pray my omelets don't fall apart! Oh and I love Perkins - reminds me of college :)

Sonja B. Ebling said...

Wow! your omelet kicked any I've ever made's BUTT!!! Yours looked light and fluffy! I'll have to try your bros method!!!

Love it!

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