Top 11 in 2011

So, yesterday I mentioned a post that I had prepared and lost.

But I REALLY wanted to write it and share my favorite pics of my kids from 2011.  It was something I had been planning on doing, and then I saw this post from the Momma Bird, and learned there was a link-up with Click.Pray.Love, Naptime Momtog, and Click it up a Notch.  I was sold.

Click It Up A Notch

And won't give up.  Hopefully this time I don't lose the post again!

So, without further adieu: 

1. Our last month with only J#3.
Petting Zoo.  Netherlands style. Up close & personal.  And the perfect opportunity to capture that perfect little dimple.  {and wow.  he sure looks like a babe still here, doesn't he?}

#2. A bit of sweetness added to the family.
And the secrets begin already?  Uh-oh.  Love being able to capture sweet moments between siblings. 

#3.  Made in the U.S.A. 
Peace, baby.  Love the little smile, and the declaration that she was "made in the USA" even though she was born in the Netherlands

#4. 10 years celebrated
A trip to Paris, France and the surrounding area including a day long tour of the city, a day at Disneyland Paris, and what is J#3's favorite part?  Feeding the ducks behind our hotel.  So happy to be able to capture the simple moments. 

#5. Rolling thru the year
June, and J#4 starts rolling, and then creeping.  Oh boy girl, life isn't going to be the same, and love catching her inquisitive look. 

#6. Special moments
Like a fourth of July celebrated outside of the U.S., a trip back to Minnesota and a little lady's baptism

#7. Photo love
In August I took an online photo course, and started to capture everyday moments using the manual {!?!} mode on our camera.  

#8. Sunny September Days
Quite possibly my favorite photo of the year.  Pure excitement.  Captured. 

#9. New things
October brought J#4 pulling herself up, me making homemade baby food and a move to Scotland. 

#10.  Discovery
Learning our way around Scotland, enjoying time at our new home {pictured above}, and flew back to Minnesota for a month long visit. 

#11.  Home sweet hotel. 
We spent most of December living in a hotel, but didn't spend a ton of time there. Most of the time we were out and about visiting with family and friends. One of the highlights?  Heading to the Children's Museum in St. Paul. J#3 on a slide that he had been scared of just a few minutes earlier. 

What a year.  Wish I could have picked more than eleven photos!  

So, have you ever heard of Project 365 366 (since it's a leap year)?  I am thinking about it.  Let me know...do you think it doable? 


WeeMason Man's Mom said...

Love the pictures! I think the Made in the USA is my favorite - cute little peace sign!!

Best wishes in 2012 to you guys!

Sarah said...

Love these!! So great. Thanks so much for linking up with us. I am glad you decided to redo them. :D Hope you have a wonderful 2012.

Amber said...

So glad you came across our linky!! Congrats on the new addition, she is a doll.

I do love the photo of your little boy peaking through the rails. I don't know what he is looking at, but he is def. thrilled

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