Being Brave: Game ON! Diet deets {that would be details, people}

So here it is...the long awaited {alright, not really} summary of the Game On! diet.

But this is the Game On Diet: Minnesota Style.  And even though this is one of the longest blog posts evah!...you want to keep reading.  Trust me, you do.

I told you briefly about the book, but we {meaning Sonja & I...I am deciding we can call ourselves coaches, mkay?}, the coaches, decided that we are going to make this a bit more achievable.

Why Minnesota Style?  Well, have you ever heard of the phenomena known as "Minnesota Nice"?  It's true.  {Well, mostly.}

And so we are being nice and adjusting the rules a bit.  And I think this will be just as successful as if you went by the book.  Okay, maybe not 100%, but as long as we are all following the key elements, it has to be an improvement over now.  Right?

Alright...you will see what I mean very soon.

Like right now. Because the first part of the plan is the points scored, which include:

#1. Meals/Food (a person can get up to 30 points/day in this category):
In the book, they detail a listing of "flabby" foods {to not be eaten} and FYT {Flatten your tummy} foods.  But they also say on their web-site {http://thegameondiet.com/} that you can follow Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or any other diet as well.  So, friends, that is up to you.

Personally?  I am going to do Weight Watchers.  The diet listed in the book is quite a bit like South Beach, which is a bit too much of a drastic change for me to make while making ALL of the other changes as well.  But I will stick to the "5 meals per day" rule, because that just makes sense. 

#2. Exercise (20 points/day): 
Pretty simple.  You exercise at least 20 minutes a day {breaking a sweat}, you get 20 points.  You don't exercise?  You don't get the points.  You exercise 10 minutes a day? You don't get the points. It's 20 minutes people.  We CAN do this.

TIME OUT:  Stick through to the end.  I have good news for you.  Really good news.

#3. Sleep (15 points/day):
Participants must sleep at least seven hours each night.  You do that, you get 15 points.  Easy, right?

#4. Water (10 points/day): 
Go find that water jug.  Go.  I'll wait here.

Alright.  You need to drink 3 liters per day.  That is 101 ounces.  12 cups.  From what I have heard read, this part might take some getting used to, but your body will adapt quickly.

#5. New Habit (10 points/day): 
Pick a good, healthy habit to start doing.  And do it.  Ideas: Yoga, journaling, meditation, organizing.

#6. Old Habit (10 points/day): 
Pick an old, bad habit {not like nuns wear} and STOP doing it.  Something like checking Facebook every single hour of the day? Or playing Angry Birds like its your job?  Yup, one of those might just be mine.  

#7. Communication (5 points): 
In order to get these dandy 5 points, you need to be in communication with at least one of your teammates and one of your opponents once a day.

THE GOOD NEWS?  You get a day off!!!  More about that at the end...the very end.

Hehe.  See how I did that?

Alright, so here are the penalties.  It's a game people.  There have to be penalties {I guess}.
#1.  Scale Penalty (Deduct 1 point per penalty):  If you weigh yourself more than once a day?  Take off a point for each time.
#2.  Snacking Penalty (Deduct 10 points per penalty): You get five meals.  Don't eat at other times of the day.  Like when you are sitting in front of the t.v. at night watching The Bachelor {oh, that's just me...when I am in the States?}, don't be chomping on potato chips.
#3. Collusion Penalty (Deduct 20 points per penalty): Be honest.  Don't try to convince a teammate or opponent to cheat with you.   Just don't do it.  It isn't fair.  Nope, not a bit.  If you do it?  Take off 20 points.
#4. Alcohol Penalty (Deduct 25 points per penalty): Other than your day off or your meal off, if you have alcohol?  25 points deducted.  Each time you imbibe.
#5. Change your Habit:  See #s 6 and 7 above?  Change them?  Deduct 50 points.  So make sure they are good ones.  :-)

You get bonus points for: 
~Reaching your fitness/weight loss goal (1% of your starting weight that week):  20% of total points earned
~Reporting your score to your team scorekeeper on time (10 points)

DAY OFF!  Yup, you get one.  Do what you want with the day.  Want a glass of wine {or two}?  Drink it.  Tired of exercising?  Take a break.  Even the habits...this is your day off, enjoy it.  Plus, you also get a MEAL OFF.  So if you are following the book's diet, you can indulge in your favorite carbs, etc.  and not worry about the points.  Got it?  

The length of the game?  
Four weeks.  Doable, right?

Oh...the prize.  That is still to be determined.  Let me know what might be good ideas.  It has to be something that can be used anywhere...since I am in Scotland, some of the players already signed up are in Minnesota, and there are a few more bloggie peeps who want to join in {maybe not after this post??  ;-) } that are around the world {Thailand!} and country {Florida!}.   Maybe the first time we could do it just for the pride of knowing we won?   Or we could make a fun trophy?  Lemme know...

So, now that I am done with the LONGEST post ever.
Are you in?  {there is still time to join us!}
Did I scare you away?  
Any questions?  

Let me know in the comment section. 

Now?  I'm off to take a nap.  Ha. Haha.


Lori said...


Lori said...
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Tracey Davis said...

I am in. Christmas was rough!

Sonja B. Ebling said...

I could read your blog all day! Just 'sayin!

Whew, I'm scared, but I'm in (of course!) Trying to use this "before" time for "practice!"
I think we should have a prize-maybe something that anyone with access to the internet can use (an amazon gift card, or a visa gift card? or just cash.. just because IT MOTIVATES.. and because I feel bad making my partner loose money!!) Let's talk more about that later, but I think I may need more than a trophy, I need good a old fashioned PRIZE to fight for!!!

Stacy said...

WOOT! More excited than I should be! And I'm with Sonja on the monetary thing...though I do know SOMEONE who makes killer trophies! just sayin'! ;)

Tracey Davis said...

Oh hey, Husband is in, so I guess I have a built in teammate, right? When is this starting? He has a physical fitness test coming up, so if it's starting soon that will work out well. and BTW, my BIL wrote that our newest endeavor will be addressed soon. I'll send a message.

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