Day 9.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who provided encouragement last week.  It means SO much to me, and I am so glad that you are all with me on this journey.

Accountability is a HUGE thing for me, and the fact that I know that people are watching and reading here will keep me going.

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Oh...and that prize at the end of this four week Game On game.

But, mostly it's you.

So I am sure you are wondering how the week went, right?

Pretty darn good, if I may say so myself.  First off, I had nearly a perfect score for our game.  I only lost one point.  How did I do that?  Well, I weighed myself on Thursday morning (you are allowed to weigh yourself ONLY once per day), and I was up from the day before.

TIME OUT.  This is why a person should ONLY weigh themselves once a week...or not weigh yourself at all and go by your clothes {but that wouldn't work for this game}.

Anyhow, I was up.  After eating within my points and exercising for four days straight.  Grrr, right?  So, I weighed myself again, thinking the scale must have been wrong.  What happened?  The weight went UP again!  Clearly, my punishment for losing that one darn point and thinking there was something wrong with the scale.

Weight check-in:
Starting weight: 214.8
Goal weight for week (1%): 212.6
End weight:  211. 2

No pictures, peeps.

Which means you can expect pics in about three months.

So, this week my goal will be 209.1.  My other goal?  To ENJOY my meal off and day off, but not INDULGE too much.

Game ON!

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Tracey Davis said...

Fantastic! You are doing an awesome job, Jen. Be inspired, and keep it up.

Clara Neis said...

Good job Jenny. Keep it going! In a little over 3 months I'll be seeing you in person!!

the Momma Bird said...

You are doing so well!!! It's such an encouragement to me that you're doing this!

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