the return of Five Minute Friday: Awake

Ooh, wow.  It has been a LONG time since I've done a Five Minute Friday. Along with a bunch of other bloggers at The Gypsy Mama, we all write for five minutes.  No interruptions, no editing, just writing.

Although I did add in a few photos.  Because I wanted to.

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Being in this situation is interesting.  What situation, you ask?

I have the brilliant opportunity to spend a few years in Europe, as a stay at home mom.  Awesome, right?

When I was on the "other side" {i.e. a working mom} I wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I wanted to live without the stress of balancing, being stressed out and worried {because that is what I do, especially when I work} and wanted to be with my kids all the time.
Now, I am here.  I am stay at home mom, wondering what I am going to do with this time.  What am I going to have to show for the three years that I essentially had to be a stay at home mom. Because, right now, that is sort of the way I see it.  This in between time.

Please don't misunderstand.

I love my children and this opportunity, but I think I am meant to be a working woman.
But lately, I find myself awake.  Awake, because I have realized what I think I am supposed to do with these three years (that I am more than a year into already).  I am supposed to find my confidence, my balance, and be ready for what life brings us when we return to the U.S.

So, now I find myself with a plan.  To spend the extra time I have, since I am not working, to become the Mom and Wife that I have always wanted to be.  And most essentially, to be the Woman, and person, that I have always aspired to.
The question is if I can do it.

At least I have figured out the first thing.  I'm awake.


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{Eeek!}  I am always so afraid to write {and publish} posts like this.  Because I worry so much about offending someone {anyone}, but its my truth, and that is what this blog is for, right?

Please stop on over to see what other bloggers are saying about "awake". Can't wait to see how other's used this word as inspiration.


Eva Trillian said...

WOnderful photos :-)
Good luck with your plan! Don't forget to enjoy yourself in the process :-)

Gidget said...

Wow - that's some great introspection you got going on there :)

I have a feeling that over the next 3 years you will become more confident - I believe your children will teach you more about yourself than you would ever have learned in the "work" world.

So, enjoy your beautiful children, soak them up because this is such a very short season that you'll blink and say "Wow - where did the time go?" :)

Gidget said...

I'm afraid that milady has left the exact same msg on many other blogs - including mine.....just wanted to let you know in case you didn't :)

Tracey @ ControltheChaos said...

You've got this. Own it!

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