Day 2.

Happy Monday!   {should those two words EVERY go together?}

"Day 2 of what", you ask?  Well, Game On!, of course.

I know that this isn't a diet/fitness blog.  I am FAR from an expert {well maybe I sort of could be with as many times as I have been on a "weight loss" journey}, so I won't be getting preachy.

But I do want to take you all on the journey with me.  For accountability.  And, because my hope is that once I drop this weight, it won't be so hard for me to get motivated to check things off my bucket list.

I know my weight shouldn't be tied to my confidence and motivation.  But, it is.

So here is the history... August 2009 & July 2010, respectively.


July 2010, I WAS pregnant, but VERY early in the pregnancy.  That is a good representation of me at my heaviest.  GULP.  Here I go.  That highest weight?  About 240.  Eek! Its out there.  Whew.  I never thought I would say write that out loud for everyone to see.

Alright, so over the next year, I was pregnant...which oddly enough, has helped me to lose weight (both times!), especially while I am nursing.  So, from July 2010 to July 2011 I went from about 240 to 188 (at my lowest).   Don't worry, the majority of it came off AFTER J#4 was born.
Here I am in June {isn't J#4 so tiny?} and then July, during our visit to Minnesota.  Thanks to that visit, and several more reasons excuses, my weight has gone back up.  First, it was almost 10 pounds by telling myself I had to have all of the foods that I had missed from the U.S.,  and then it was moving, living in hotels for a bit, getting settled, and indulging in all of the convenience foods that I once again had access to in Scotland...and that has been another 16 pounds. 

Do you want to do the math?  

Yay, me neither.

Okay...so, that brings the number to 214.  Sigh.  At least not as high as it once was.  But TOO high. 

Thank God for Game On!   So here is my life for the next four weeks (except my days off): 
  • Up at 6 AM on the weekdays to either run/walk or do the Jillian Michaels Shred It program
  • Drinking 100 oz of water per day
  • My good habit?  Eating AT LEAST five servings of fruits or veggies a day
  • Only checking Facebook ONCE per day (that's my bad habit) 
  • Weight Watchers.  'Nuff said, right? 
  • Cheering on my teammate daily, 
  • and trash talking our opponents (clearly, that is going to be tough for me)
I am hoping to lose AT LEAST 10 pounds over the next four weeks.  And then I will be doing this over and over and over and over and over... well, you get the point.  As many times as it takes me to get to 140.  WW says the ideal weight for my height & age is 132.  I would LOVE that, but we'll see. 

With a plan of losing an average of two pounds per week, that puts me at November.  

So there you have it.  I think I'll be updating you here weekly.  Monday seems like as good a day as any.

Let's hope I lose at least 1% of my body weight; because then I get some bonus points!  Wish me luck, would ya?  


E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Good luck!!!

Nics cahill said...

You can do it! I'm right with you all the way! I've been there. Go for it Jen.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, you can do it!

Sonja B. Ebling said...

I am so proud, impressed, encouraged, amazed, awed, humbled, psyched and excited fir and of you! Did that make sense???this is a big undertaking, but along with others, I'll be with you cheering you on till the end dear friend! And when we ARE dine I suggest we get our hubbies to send us on a beach vacation where we can wear bikinis with no FEAR or shame jUst pure satisfaction in how hard we have worked! And all the native men will whistle and awe and all the Women will have dropped jaws after they hear about the babies birthed by out bodacious bods! Ok did I go overboard? You get the idea!! Game on friend!!!!!!

Sonja B. Ebling said...

Damn auto correct! Hopefully my message still made SoME sense!!

Carrie said...

My husband started WW about 2 weeks ago and by just sticking to his daily points and not using his weekly splurge points he's lost about 10 pounds so far. He is a constant dieter, but he says that the thing he likes about this the most is that he can eat whatever he wants as long as he doesn't go over his points. We've even been out to eat and he had no problems finding something to eat while still staying in his point range. Good luck on your journey!

the Momma Bird said...

Loved this post!!!! You CAN do it! I can't wait to see your progress - I have always been told it's hard to take that first step, but once you start those steps they will just follow one after the other :) Keep on going strong!

Lori said...

Jen, I'm VERY proud of you!

Even though I'm one of your opponents during Game On!, I'm rooting for you. You have all my support. I have no doubt you can do it. You just made a huge accomplishment already with this first step.

Love ya!

Kris said...

Oh how inspiring you are! I love your goal to only check FB once a day. What a great goal.
Just popping in from Laura's Post of the month club!

Robyn said...

good luck-the hardest part is starting.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Good luck! I guess I could try to go on "Le Bon Coin" only once a day - I'm addicted to that site that sells second hand stuff!

OKinUK said...

Good luck! You can do it!

Hopped over from the HH UK post of the month.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I think you look fabulous at any weight! You have a very kind and sweet face :) And how cute is your little one?!

Good luck on your goals! May you reach what you set out to achieve :)

Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! It wouldn't be the same without you there :) XOLaura

RachelM said...

just clicked on your blog through happy homemaker's link up...looked at your familiar face...and realized we went to high school together! how CRAZY to find you here! :)
you have 4 kids and are living in scotland!? that's awesome!
well done and good luck with your goals!
now i'm off to take a peek at more of your blog. :)

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