tv, tv, tv {the return of top 10 Tuesday}

Oh boy.  I think I've come to a realization.  And its a bit scary.  {well, at least for me}

I think I have to give up watching t.v.

What?  What was that you just said Jenny?

I need to give up watching t.v.

It wastes my time.  I could be writing, reading, exercising.  All things that will "add" to my life {so to speak}, instead of just wasting time.

So, what better thing to do as I consider this change than to talk about my top 10 favorite television shows of all time.  Maybe that will help me decide?


10. Awards shows. {or maybe its just the red carpet} But they seem to have been boring lately...and I haven't been able to watch them for the last two years either.  This being the reason this is #10.

9.  Gilmore Girls. Never watched this when it was on the air, but got caught up later.  Love Lauren Graham.  Probably part of the reason for #1 on the list too.

8. Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your MotherBest comedies right now...they are all still on the air, right? I KNOW HIMYM is since we haven't met the mother, and pretty sure about Big Bang Theory too...but Rules of Engagement?  Oh, and The New Girl should probably be added to this list.

7. Guiliana & Bill.  Has become the only reality t.v. show I seek out. They seem down to earth (please don't shatter that image if you've met them and they aren't), and they have an uplifting, inspiring story. 

6.  The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice.  Just good stuff.  Drama, at its best.

5.  Ed.   Before Julie Bowen made us laugh me on Modern Family, she was on Ed (and in Happy Gilmore...but this post is about t.v.).  And Tom Cavanaugh.  Cutie.

4.  Las Vegas.  I own just about every season {if not every season}.  And I'm still bitter about the ending. 

3.  Ugly Betty.  I rarely watched this when it ran on the air the first time, but I've fallen in love via reruns.  Talk about a strong female role model for young girls. 

2.  Friends.  Can always make me laugh.  Seriously, the show is like an old friend. 
1.  Parenthood.  For real.  May be the one reason I can't 100% give up t.v.  Have you watched it?  If you haven't...you must.  That's it.  And have tissues nearby.  Because your bound to cry.  I just found this on t.v. here; reruns at about noon.  I'm crossing my fingers that they continue through to this season. And, of course I am watching the previous seasons again.  Gotta get my Braverman fix.


So...hmmm.  All three of these photos were in my instagram feed (jenlives) from the last three weeks or so.  Perhaps that's a sign that t.v. has just a little too much presence in my time.  Oh, and the fact that its on my 34 in 34 list to give up t.v. for a month.

Maybe November will be the month???

* * * 

I'm linking up with Lena B, Actually  for Tuesday Ten and Many Little Blessings for Top Ten Tuesday.  Because, obviously {look at the name of my blog}, I like lists.

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lauren said...

Woo that's a long list! ;)
It looks about the same as mine and my fiance's before we cut out cable (most ppl hear the record scratch and make me repeat that). But we found that we were DVR-ing shows all the time, so we just cut it off and watch random stuff on hulu when the moment strikes. As it turns out, it only strikes about once a week, and we end up only watching about 3 shows because we realize we never really missed the show in the first place. Also, I'm the person that once the TV goes on, its hard to turn it off. So having nothing but Judge Judy on the basic cable in the afternoons helps my productivity a TON!
I say, GO FOR IT! In November. And don't celebrate December with a TV marathon ;) instead, get super pumped about how much you don't really miss most of the shows after all!

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