clouds vs. sun {story of our life when it comes to weather in Scotland}

Another week is done.  And we are nearing the end of October.

How is that even possible?

Starting November 1 it's gonna get 'thankful' up in here.  Each day I'm going to share something I'm thankful for on instagram (I'm jenlives) with the tag #thankfulliving.  And since I know a lot of you aren't over there in Instagram world, I'll share the items here too {maybe not every day, but as often as possible}.

Because, lets be real.  We are all happier when we are remembering what we are thankful for. 

And I'm going to host a little link-up part on November 1 so we can all find each other & be thankful together.  So stop back to link up your blog or Instagram account!

today I'm linking up over here at Life Rearranged

life rearranged

Now...onto the last few weeks.  A little of what's been happening over here at our place: 

A little lot of being happy that Daddy was home from his trip.

A little baking.

A little counting down...I've been doing this with my sweet niece since their visit to Scotland in August.  We started about 100, and now we are getting so much closer to a trip back to MN!
do you see my trees?  I'm such an artist, no?  ;)

A little playing.

And a little exercising, of course.  
I've figured out my days go better 
when started off with Jillian Michael's.
{scary?  wierd?  your thoughts?} 
running via wii fit


Maegan said...

I'm really looking forward to your thankful series on IG, I'm ready!

Love all the cute family pics :)

Erica Ladd said...

Love this idea! I will follow suit and come link up, and I'm so glad you commented on my blog after finding it, so I could find yours! It is just lovely, and I'm looking forward to reading lots more about your adventures in Scotland. Sounds like we have lots in common as misplaced Midwesterners :-)

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