I read one of my favorite blog posts ever yesterday.  Click here to go to Leslie's blog Top of the Page, so you can read it too. 

In case you don't have time, here is the bit that hit me the most.  Square on my forehead.
And what Beth said next sort of floored me. Despite our constant efforts to find a comfortable spot in this world, Jesus will NEVER let us fully find it. He will not solve all our squirminess. He will not make our marriages perfectly happy. He will not heal all our relationships and allow us to feel perfectly accepted.

Because we don't belong here. We were never meant to. And so in some ways, He will let us squirm.

Jesus wants me to know deep down that my home, my comfort, my soul's longing to fit somewhere will never be satisfied on this earth. He wants me to long for heaven.
Amazing.  So what does that mean?  We aren't meant to be perfect.

It's not that that I want to attain the perfect life.  But no.  Wait.  That's a lie.

Isn't that what we all want?  Isn't that why we aspire to something new, something different, because we expect perfection will be the result of that change?  

But to realize that is never going to happen, for me {much like for Leslie} is freeing. 
It makes me more comfortable in my own skin.
It makes me more comfortable with trials that come along.
It makes me more comfortable with the thought of dying {which is so big that it probably deserves its own post}.

It doesn't mean that I am going to give up striving for something that to me would be like perfection.

It means I am going to continue with a positive outlook. I'm going to continue being attentive in life and concentrate on being happy as much as possible, in this life.
Source: google.com via Jenny on Pinterest

But when life throws me lemons, sometimes I'm going to let go.   I'm going to remind myself that life is supposed to be a little sour. 

And keep remembering that what I'm living for is the sweet, perfect lemonade that's waiting for me.
* * *


Donna said...

The valleys are the most fertile places on Earth.

Amanda said...

Oh but I want to be comfortable here!! :) I know what you're saying though. There's a C.S. Lewis quote that says something about if we find ourselves longing for something that this world can't supply, we must be made for another world. It's beautiful, and one of my favorite quotes. :)

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