a new regular {on healthy living}

It's about healthy living, y'all.

It's about being around when my daughter goes to prom and gets married.
It's about being around when my son has his first son or daughter.

It's about finding a happy medium, so that I can live in a healthy way for a long, long time.  Because it is not like I can just lose all of this weight and then give up.

I need a new regular. 

I'm still going to have to eat well.  I'm still going to have to exercise and stay fit.  So I need to learn how to be healthy in the every day.

Living in Scotland actually makes this 'living healthy' stuff a bit easier than it would be if I were in Minnesota right now.  Why? Because I don't have to walk through the grocery store with the hundreds and hundreds of scrumptious goodies that I grew up with and are my "triggers".  Ruthanne at Eclectic Whatnot is doing a 31 days series on getting healthy and that was her topic today.


Sweets like a sweet friend sent me this week? 
Luckily not triggers for me.  When we lived in the Netherlands they had these cheese Tuc crackers.  Let me tell you how crazy glad I am that they don't sell them here.  And stuff like Cheese-its, doritos, chips and salsa?  That's what has me at hello.  And good bye.  

Another smart and caring friend and I had a conversation on Instagram when I posted this photo...she urged me to throw them away.  To not even have the temptation in the house.  And I nearly did. 

But now these treats are hidden in a tin and labeled with the number of calories that they are worth.  And I've become way more generous with my Reese's peanut butter cups with J#3 than I used to be. {Lucky boy}.  But they are still in the house because I need to employ will power and nurture it.  So that when I am back in my happy land {read: Target}, I can avoid all of those things that would usually be calling my name. 

Will power needs to be part of my new regular.

Although  I'm not an old dog who can't learn new tricks...the tortilla chips my husband bought on Monday night to go with his tacos?  Those were sent straight to work with him and he's not allowed to bring them back either.  I'll give myself a few months before I have them sitting around.

So that new regular?  Still involves salsa.
But this time its combined with lean meat, cheese and lettuce to form a healthy taco salad.  BEST meal I've had in a while.  And less than 300 calories.

And my new regular involves tea as a sweet treat. 
Seriously.  This tea is something I look forward to each day.

And then, of course there is Jillian Michaels.  She's definitely a part of my new regular.
Especially this month...I'm doing a 31 day Jillian Michael challenge.  I'll be doing her video each day this month.  I don't win anything, I am just doing it for me. And I'm loving it. {By the by, just downloaded her 'Ripped in 30' video...love it...just in case you're looking for something new.}

I'm working on developing this new regular.  I suppose the last eight months have been part of it.  Each time there is a week off from Game On, I go a wee bit of the deep end.  Even last week when it started it out really well.  I go to the weekend and...


So, my goal this round is to seriously NOT make the week off a WEEK OFF.  But that's still three and a half weeks away, so more on that later. 

For now? I've gotta go refill my water bottle.

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Struggling said...

Good for you!

Shell said...

Yay! Sounds like you are off to a great start!

Mary De Bastos said...

Ha! They DO sell cheese TUC crackers here... Asda.

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