Do-Be-Mem :: Oct 21 2014 :: Week 2

Last week, the plan was to have a daily dance party {mostly happened}, be aware of current events by reading at least 15 minutes of news daily {happened} and I memorized a quote about patience {done}.

This week?

DO:  Bake a loaf of homemade bread.  It's been on my bucket list forever. I'm getting it done people.

BE:  Productive.  NO t.v. watching during J#4 naptime/J#3 nursery school time.  Two and a half hours to get things done; I need to take advantage of that!

"Real beauty is not about weight or symmetry or makeup.  
It's about looking life right in the face and 
seeing all of its magnificence reflected in your own self." 
-Valerie Monroe-

* * *


1 comment:

Maegan said...

Great quote to memorize! I need to use nap time more productively myself ... I am so easily sucked into reading, or a magazine, or blogging. Just a "quick 10 minute" check turns into an hour! :/

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