strong, focused & determined

I think I may have mentioned that I've been taking part in a challenge to do 31 days of Jillian Michael's work-outs this month.  

To this point, I've missed three days. 
  • the 13th: a Saturday, mid point of husband's LONG trip, needed a breather, but still did wii fit exercise
  • the 16th: no exercise.  was the day after I finished exercising for 50 days straight. a girl needs a day off now & then right?  {wink}
  • the 21st: I did do wii exercise again this day....

BUT I drank too much beer the day before so I didn't do a Jillian video. And I've officially learned something.  There is NO reason to have beer in our house.  Or too much wine, for that matter.  There is just NO reason.  I just feel worse after I've indulged.  And I'm more hungry the next day.  And its empty calories.  And it makes me enjoy it less than if I just had it went we went out for dinner, as a treat.  And. And. And.  The list could go on.  

And on.

Lesson learned. 

* * *

Yesterday was my first day of Week 4 of Ripped in 30.  Wow.  Just wow. 

Hard. Awesome.  Sweated like a fool.  Absolutely loved it.  Plus?  Jillian gives this awesome pep talk at the end.  I'm going to have to play it back and type it out one of these days...but that is where the title of this post comes from.

That is what I am 'this time'. 

Strong. Focused. Determined.

And as I was saying "are you freakin kidding me with this?" to Jillian as I was doing her work out, I was also saying,  "I LOVE this."

Who am I?  Who is this person that is inside my head???

Oh! Its me!?  


What took so long Jenny???   {smile}

34, and you finally figured it out. 


“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”
-William Butler Yeats

Well...better late than never, right?

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Amanda said...

I nominated you for an award. Check out my blog for details - http://www.hookedfromhello.blogspot.com

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