Do-Be-Mem :: Oct 14 2014 :: Week 1

Someone is out of town right now, and since there is only one of us {other than me} who can drive in this house...or go anywhere by themselves...you know who that person is.

When this happens?  I have a dramatically larger amount of time to myself.  I use it well, of course.  I get all kinds of fall cleaning done, get ahead on Christmas gift shopping, er I mean find new blogs to read.

Like Meagan at Lewis & Browne.   She has a 40 by 40 list (hers, my 34 in 34), she has lists of books she's going to read (hers, mine) and  she just started running in September and will be running her first 5K in November (sound familiar?).  So....lets just say she rose to the top of must read list in 2 seconds flat.  AND she has a brilliant link-up on Sundays.  It is pure genius.  

As she says, "What is Do-Be-Mem? Three simple things to do each week. Intentional Living."

DO:  Have a dance party daily.  Because it always cheers me up.  And hopefully the kiddos will join me.  On the playlist?  
  • Raise your Glass {P!nk} 
  •  Try {P!nk}
  • Perfect {P!nk}
  • Firework {Katy Perry}
  • God's Not Dead {Newsboys}
  • Courageous {Casting Crowns} 
  • I Can Only Imagine {MercyMe}...a slower one to cool down with.   
BE:  More aware of current events; spend at least 15 minutes a day reading news.  {e!-online doesn't count} 

MEM:  Memorize this quote: 
"Patience with others is love, 
patience with self is hope, 
patience with God is faith." 
~ Adel Bestavros 
And full disclosure...I totally stole borrowed that from Meagan's own Do-Be-Mem a few weeks ago.  But it is awesome, right?  

* * 

So...you should join me with this.  Click on over here to check out the link-up.  Oh, and she has a fun announcement.  She is handing the reigns over to Bold Butter Baby from now on,  so just another fun blog for me to read & follow.  Score!


BoldButterBaby said...

Adding dance parties to my list! Glad to have you on board!

Maegan said...

I love your list this week! Thank you for joining the party, so happy you found me. :) Hope you continue to join the party starting next week with Brin. And I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and follow your blog!


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