I'm going to share with you the lovely that is my life via instagram in a sec.  But first? AN ANNOUCEMENT.  

I have an idea. 

Ha.  That's not all.  I want to tell you about it, and I want you to join me! 

Next month is November.  {Thanks for stating the obvious Jenny.} 
November = Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving = being grateful
being grateful = #thankfulliving

An Instagram event.  Join me?  Just take photos of what you are thankful for each day in November.  Easy peasy, right???  Why NOT do it?  And then tag it with #thankfulliving.

Spread the word. And I think I'll host my first ever linky part on this here blog.   We'll do it at the beginning of November, so that we can all meet and find each other on Instagram.  Not on Instagram? Get with the party peeps {said with all the love in the world}.  I want to see what YOU are thankful for.  You don't even need to have a blog.  Nope, no siree...  So, who's with me???

* * 
Alright, now on to our week. Instastyle:

Gotta love her hair, right?

with one of our projects from our 31 days of fun over at Intend to Live.

 walking to school with his shadow.


the boyz. 
 Weekends are fabulous for exercise; 
I get to do my walk/run in the light instead of before the sun rises!

 a constant companion lately. 

my fruit buddy.

 Look at the almost cloudless sky.  In Scotland?  Priceless. 

A tickle factory. 

his idea.  AND we were featured at lilblueboo.  LOVE IT.  

 beautiful sunset

 in Scotland, it's "custom my ride", instead of "pimp my ride".  
that made me giggle.

"heart for you mommy"

 my work-out partner

cutie patootie. 

and with that, I'm linking up with Jeannett at Life, Rearranged.


Stacie said...

Fantastic! I love it! I may be blogging-dead by November 1st, but if not I might counts thanks with you this way. :)

Maegan said...

Oh I love the heart your kiddo made for you, precious!

I love your IG project, I'm in! I'm @SAHMaegan on IG, I'm off to follow you :)

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