Trust in the good things: Five Minute Friday


Today was one of those days I've spent the entire day pondering "trust".  How do I write about it?  What do I write in five minutes about the word trust?

I considered writing about the trust I share with friends {lucky}, the trust I have in my husband {even more lucky...and loved}, the trust in God {of course}.  So many people that I share trust with.

But I'm started out the day crabby.  You know how it is, right?  So the mood to write anything wasn't there.

Then...the afternoon and evening came.  My husband returned from his work trip.  I was no longer alone with the kiddos.  The mood started to lift.

And then this happened:

Click here for the video.

It happened a few other times today.  But by the time Daddy got home, her first move to get somewhere was to get up and walk.


And that is when I am reminded that it isn't just people that we need to trust.  We need to trust in the fact that there are always "good times".  There are always exciting, thrilling and memorable moments.

And those far exceed the bad ones.  Because those are the ones we will remember.

We might remember a time of sadness, depression, or despair.

But the moments that will overtake those? That will shine forever in our minds, our photos, our scrapbooks?    

Those will be the good times.  I trust in that.


Interested in writing for five minutes?  No editing, just writing.  Visit The Gypsy Mama by clicking on that button down there, and while you are at it take a sec to read about how others are trusting today.

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