Challenge Wednesday #21

Hey folks!  It's Challenge Wednesday again.  Are you wondering what that is?  Well, I'll let Tracey tell you.... 

* * *

Howzit. Remember me? Tracey from Control the Chaos? Yeah, I thought so. If not, let me sum up: every week Jenny and I take turns on each other's blogs. We give each other things to do, questions to ponder, all in an effort to live in the now, expand our horizons, and tell a story. You can click on that link above to see the kinds of things I write, or to see Jen's post from last week. But right now, I'm here to discuss these questions:

How are things going with your bucket list?  Any new additions? Anything crossed off the list? 

And boy, these are definitely good questions to answer. I have been thinking of my Bucket List lately, which was initially inspired by Jen in a previous challenge. I haven't visited it in a while, so now is a great time to do that, don't you think?

Even though it hasn't been updated recently, I have been making progress on a few of the items.

For instance, I completed a marathon in October, which was #1 on my list. Yay! The second item also focuses on running, which I love to do. However, now that I proved I could go the distance, I'm more interested in getting speedy. Not record breaking speedy, but competitive speedy. So, I'd like to run 5k in 25 minutes. This is a pretty lofty goal, and I am currently at about 27-28 minutes for a 5k. Still a long way to go, but I've been making progress by incorporating High Intensity Interval Training into my runs. It's been veeerrrry cold here, though, so I've been too much of a wimp to actually try a 5k outside. I hope to time myself again in a couple days, if I quit being such a pansy. I hate the cold.

I also want to read the entire Bible. I am currently following a "Read the Bible in a Year" program with a pastor friend and his family. And our old ohana in Hawaii. Church family. Yes, that's quite a long time to take to finish the Bible, but I am enjoying the small pieces that I can fit into a lifestyle that includes 3 kids and a husband who travels. I feel like I am able to digest it sometimes rather than simply read it as fast as possible. It's nice.

Sadly, I must delete our trip to Uganda. The friends we were planning to visit were suddenly and unexpectedly compelled to leave Uganda and return to the USA. We will not be able to go without them. We are hoping to replace it with another bucket list item, a trip to South Africa this fall.

And speaking of traveling, this weekend I can cross my "visit Scandinavia" off the list. 

Source: google.com via Cara on Pinterest

We're going to Oslo! No matter that I hate the cold and we're traveling to Norway in winter. A place that currently averages three hours of light per day. 

And as for additions? Well, I think it's about time to add homesteading to the list. We hope to move back to America, buy some land, and have a homestead. Like, with animals and a garden. One day, it will happen. Just wait and see.

And now, Jen, I want to know how you are living in the moment in Scotland. What kind of things have you explored? What memories are you making? What opportunities are you taking advantage of while you are living in the UK? Come on, spill the beans, we want details!
 * * *

Thanks for the update Tracey!  Oslo?!  Sounds fun.  And all I have to say is that that setting {even if it is just an example} is absolutely idyllic.   Makes me want to move to the country when we head back to the States.  Rolling hills....

Oh, we have rolling hills in Scotland!  Can't wait to tell you about life here next week.  

Till then, be happy! 

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