"Here Comes the Sun"

That could be my new theme song. 

Springtime is approaching.  I can feel it.  I can almost smell it.  We've had a few days where the sun has been shining big and bright (well today, it just started in the afternoon, but still...).
And we got out and enjoyed it. When it is nearly 50* in February and you have a park a block from your house? There shouldn't be any excuses.  

Sun is good for us. Obviously.  

And living in Scotland, where they evidently suggest everyone {not just infants} take Vitamin D supplements?  It is a commodity. 

Around these parts, we are all taking new steps... 
Tentative steps.  A little girl taking her first steps outside, changing terrains, holding herself up and moving on.

And the big girl {me}.    Coming to the realization that my life is my job right now.  And jobs?  I take those seriously.  So even though I don't love being responsible for all of our housecleaning, all of our cooking and all of our planning...I'm going to love it.

Because it means I get to watch those tentative steps.  I get to make life easier for my husband, my #1.

I get to see this sister with her brother on a see-saw for the first time.  If I love ALL of it, I get to love life.
 Right here.  And now.  How can I not be grateful for that?

*   *   * 

The Fontenot Four

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Non-sensible said...

What an amazing thought to bring me back to reality! Thank you for sharing that! God plants us where he wants us to grow.... all we have to do is add some faith! Thanks for sharing your faith~

Manda Jane said...

Thank you for linking up with Thought for Thursday! Great thought! I enjoyed!!

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