Dear plane, take me home to my friends.

It's funny.

One minute I am thinking and feeling like I don't miss home a bit.  And then the next minute?

I wish I was on the next plane to the States.  

There are so many reasons why that feeling ebbs and flows. But today? Its all about my friends.

I am so happy that the friendships I have are strong enough to withhold the test of time.  They lasted thru almost two years in New Jersey and they will last the three years that we are in Europe.  I have no doubts.

Things will change of course.  That is inevitable.  But we will still be friends.  Some friendships may take time to build back up...but then, maybe they won't.

Actually, they probably won't.

Because I have been smart enough to maintain the friendships that matter the most. That are the strongest.  That WILL withstand time and distance.

I have maintained friendships that are a two-way street.  That have give & take.  The friends I have in my life?  I could call them sisters.  Because they are like that for me.  They will always be there for me.

And, without a doubt, I will always be there for them.

Thank you God.  I am so lucky to have more MORE than one true friend.

* * *

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E said...

Friends are so important! So sorry you are missing yours right now. Maybe Skype???

Colleen said...

Oh I do hear you on this! I am a Canadian living in Norway and there are times I would love nothing more than to just hop on a plane and visit friends and family!

Jenn and Casey said...

Love this, and love the quotes!

Maureen | Tatter Scoops said...

Beautiful post and those quotes are awesome! Friends really are important in our lives. Maybe try Viber too for free calls?

Adrienne said...

Love all those quotes! Friends are a rare and special thing. I'm glad you are blessed with some good one. :)

Kristen said...

Great post! I haven't talked to my best friend in probably weeks - and yet - I know she is still my best. And I am honored to have more than one true friend also. I'm sorry you are missing them. Kristen

Shell said...

I hate being so physically far from most of my friends. Email/fb make it easier to keep in touch, but I miss being able to go out!

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