Day 30. (with a tiny suprise)

I have a surprise for ya'll.  Remember this post, when I said there weren't going to be any photos until I was 12 weeks (or 84 days) in?

Well, I decided to post one before that...you just need to wait a couple of minutes.

Here's the deats.  A good week {most likely thanks to a certain friend that was visiting me during the last weigh-in...sometimes being a woman is NOT fun}:

Weight check-in:
Starting weight (this week): 206.6
Goal weight for week (1%): 204.5
End weight:  202.2

Total weight loss (since start):  12.6 pounds 

Can I get a "WhoopWhoop!"?  Ha.  Kidding.  

But seriously.  I don't expect these kinds of results every month.  But, I am on my way.  

And with that, the first session of "Game On" is complete.  We ARE doing another round of the game, so if you are feeling the urge to join in?  Shoot me a comment below.  We will start a week from today.  For all of the details and "rules" click here to see the original post I wrote about it or visit the Game On website. 

I am going to play against myself now too.  I have a "bank" that I will being working for.  Essentially the % of points I get each week will equal a certain amount of $s.  But I can tell you about that some other time.  I DID give myself an extra day off (and will at the end of each "session" or four week period).  

This is NOT easy (but its worth it!).  And I don't want to drive myself crazy.  

So my habits for the next session (this week + our 4 week game)? 
Good habit:  Read a devotional (starting with the Purpose Driven Life) daily. 
Bad habit:     Stop being complacent with oral hygiene (= flossing daily & brushing teeth 2 times/day)

Alright...here is the picture.  I find it amazing how when I feel better about my body, I actually want to put an outfit together.  Oh, and of course, I still need to work on taking photos of myself.  Please tell me it gets better with practice. 
both tanks & sweater: Target, jeans: H&M, necklace: Lia Sophia, 
earrings: Tesco Extra 

So, after 4 weeks in, here is a quick before & after: 
Before Photos: tank & shirt: Target, jeans: Old Navy

*  *  * 
Linkin' up with Real Momma, Real Style and The Pleated Poppy  and the Transatlantic Blonde for What I Wore Wednesdays. 


Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Amazing what 1 months hard work can do, imagine what you can do with 2 months!!!

Lori said...

You look GREAT Jen! Congrats on very successful round of Game On! Cute outfit too :)

Stacey Ronalds said...

You look great Jen... I am impressed and quite intrigued.

Hanna said...

GREAT work !!!!! That's awesome. I was 245 lbs and now I'm 132:) You can TOTALLY DO IT!!!!

Mandy said...

Great job on the weight loss!!!!

GlitterFactory said...

Girl you look hot! Way to go!

PS: re raking pix of yourself (yes it gets easier!). Do you have a tripod for that pimp photo in your "nice to 'meet' you" section? Try setting it up at about shoulder hieight (for accurate representation of your body proportion if youre doing a full body shot) and using the timer setting!

thedomesticfringe said...

Congrats on your weight-loss! You're doing great and it's very inspiring. You can already see a big difference in your photos. You look wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Mallory said...

Wow! Great work! It's such a difference after a month!

RachelM said...

you look awesome! way to go!
(somehow i've ended up following your blog twice, and i don't know how to fix it. when i first tried following, it wasn't showing up in my google blogroll thing, so i tried again, and...oops. sorry! hopefully i'll get the updates now.) :)

Tracy Jensen said...

Good job on the weight loss!!! Coming over from Pleated Poppy!

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