Day 23.

I made it again this week.  

Just barely.  But barely works, right?  
Weight check-in:
Starting weight (this week): 208.8
Goal weight for week (1%): 206.7
End weight:  206.6

Total weight loss (since start):  8.2 pounds 

This will be our last week of this session of the Game On competition.  But this journey won't be over with that.  I already have habits set and an idea of how to continue doing the Game On  competition against myself...just in case I am on my own {which it looks like I likely won't be}.  

And let me know if you are interested in joining us for the next round.  Not one person in our group yet has said this didn't work.  Each and every person has lost some weight or if they didn't have much to lose, they have muscles they haven't seen (or at least for awhile). 

But for me?  This is a long journey.  And I am taking it slow and steady, so it stays off for good.  But that can be frustrating. 

Oh! Guess what I got last week.  I upgraded my weights. 

I went from these... 
{yes, those are beans}
...to these.
Guess its time for some chili, huh? 

And one last thing...
On a blog I found last week, The Misadventures of Mrs. B, Jen {nice name, right?} wrote a letter to her fat.   Loved it.  I wrote one too.  Pretty much agree with everything she says, so I kept mine short and sweet: 

Dear Fat, 

It's not me. It's you. 
Call me...never. 

A woman who's tried to get you to stop stalking me ONE too many times.


Clara Neis said...

Jenny, great job. Keep it up!!

Barb said...

Hi Jenn - Happy Monday to you!

First of all - congrats on meeting your goal weight. Good for you. And secondly - hilarious about your upgrade of weights. Made me laugh. :)

You asked about my hair...No, I have not done anything different, but I NEEEEED to get it highlighted, the grey is peeking thru, which you can't see in pictures, but it's there!

As far as the Shred - I completed the whole thing several months ago, did some different DVD's, and now I'm back. I remember Level 2 as being my favorite level. It gets harder, but as long as you work up to it it's not horrible. Good luck!

Have a great week.

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