ENOUGH. Again.

First off, I have to tell you something.

It makes me a happy person to have not set resolutions this year.

I say that, but of course I still plan to lose weight. Duh. And I'll do it this year. Just you wait and see. And I think my word of the year is going to help me.

Before I get to the word though, I'll admit that this isn't the first word I decided on.

I had been planning on the word 'commitment'. Why commitment? Because basically I suck at follow-thru. Not all the time, but when it comes to things like eating right, losing weight, dental hygiene, etc...I find myself staying on track for a few weeks (or even months) and then seriously 'falling of the wagon'.

And as I thought about it some more...the reason I think that I falter with those things is because I generally beat myself up WAY TOO MUCH. I am 100% too hard on myself. How can I stick with things if the second I do the wrong thing I am down on myself.

Negative thoughts + negative feelings = negative results. 

I've had self esteem issues since, hmm...probably 1st grade? I had a classmate ask me if I dyed my eyebrows (imagine a girl with VERY blond hair and VERY dark eyebrows). Since then, I've worried what people are thinking. And I usually don't imagine that they are thinking good things.

* * 

Not sure what it is, but something has just clicked for me in the last few days, and I'm feeling even more strongly about the post I wrote on Wednesday that we all need to take it easy on ourselves.


My word of the year for 2013 will be:


I am enough.
Enough of thinking too much.
I have spent enough time being hard on myself.
Enough wasting time. Enough excuses. Get IT {no matter what it is...including losing weight} done already.

* * 
I've got a bunch of changes that I'm making, but I am introducing them slowly.  Instead of attacking the year with gusto, I'm making one or two small changes each week so that by mid-February I'm doing all of the things I want to accomplish and have set a goal of committing to, behaviors that will have me acting like the Jenny that's in my head and that I aspire too.

But until then, and even if I don't accomplish all of that, I know that I'm enough.

Anything new just makes for a 'new & improved' Jenny.

There isn't anything wrong with the current model, but everyone needs a change once in a while.

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Marci Smith said...

I love the word enough! I am incorporating your thoughts into my life. I struggle because I can get into the comparison game with anything....my clothes, my thighs, my shoes, my words....uuugg! If I stay there, I can be so miserable. Negative equals negative....so true!
We are all enough for our sweet Jesus. He created us, not the world we compare ourselves to. He thinks we are beautiful and wonderful. ;)

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