Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

Eeek.  Two posts in one day?

Don't get used to this people.  {smile}

BUT today is Friday, which means Five Minute Friday and I love a good Five Minute Friday. Plus, I was thinking...Lisa-Jo describes this as a 'flash mob'.  I have 'being part of a flash mob' on my bucket list.  Do you think this counts?  Ha.  Okay, maybe not.

   This week's prompt?  Opportunity. 

* * 
"You think too much," my husband says.  

Hopeful, I reply, "I know. I'm trying to change that.  Trying to take a break from it."   

And 2013 lays open like a blank canvas.  Waiting for me to paint that different picture for myself.  One that includes less thinking and more doing.  Maybe some planning, but putting the notes down and not over thinking them. 

This year is ripe with opportunity.  Opportunity to take advantage of the blank canvas that is our lives and forge ahead to create the perfect landscape.  

I know its not all in my hands, and that makes it even easier to leave some of the thinking to someone else--He doesn't even need to think, because He already knows how the painting will look.  

* * 
The idea is to write for five minutes, unedited and hit publish.  Link up over here: 

Five Minute Friday


Jamie said...

Oooooh, I love the blank canvas imagery. I'm an over-thinker, too, a habit that can get me into major trouble, if I let it!

plantedoak said...

less in my head, more in my life. love the reminder. love your bucket list, book list, etc. instead of resolutions, my word for this year is purposeful. "listfull" feels the same. deciding and doing. thanks jenny! xo --kris

Erica Ladd said...

I discover the best link ups on your blog! Love it! Thanks for inspiring me to write for 5 minutes today too without overthinking. That is probably our biggest enemy to creativity. Happy New Year, and here's to less thinking, more doing in 2013!

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