Monday Missions {week 1}

I feel an idea coming on.  Bear (or bare?) with me as I start some rambling.

Mondays.  The beginning of a new week.  A blank slate (much like the beginning of the new year, yes?).  Often a day we lament, because it means a return to work and school and an end to that relaxing time we call 'weekend'.

I want to make it be a day we look forward to instead of dread. I hope you'll join me; and the best news is you don't need to have a blog to join in.

Just choose something to be your mission for the week.  Something achievable.

You know that never ending to do list you have in the back of your head? This mission could be to get one of those things checked off this week.  Or you could pick something new you want to try (new exercise class or video, new recipe...you get the idea).

This can be something big. It can be something small. Just make sure you are willing to do it and get it done.

That way when next Monday rolls around, you'll be looking forward to it because:
        a.  You achieved your goal.
        b.  You know you'll have the chance to achieve something again that coming week!

AND we will can all share our missions for the week.  Lets just start out doing it in the comment section here on the blog or on Facebook.  If you have a blog and want to link-up, feel free to provide the link in the comments and I'll plan on stopping by.

Lets do this!

* * * 
Oh, I guess I'd better share my mission, right?

Here it is:
That?  That is our Christmas tree (and other Christmas decorations).  I literally carried it up as it was to our third floor guest room, which is a room that rarely gets used,  a few weeks ago.  I joked on Instagram (I'm jenlives there) last night that I would keep it up all year, but since we are spending Christmas back in our "home" state of Minnesota this year, I'd better get it packed up.

So that's my mission.  Get all Christmas decorations packed up and tucked into the closet.

* * * 
Now its your turn!  What's your mission?


Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Finish cleaning up the painting supplies I shoved in my shed a couple weeks ago! :) Danica

RachelM said...

i missed this post last week, but i'm totally in! i've always got millions of missions swirling around in my mind, i'd LOVE to have a place to commit to actually completing one (or more)! are you doing this every week? ok, now i just have to narrow it down and pick a mission for this week... i

Jen@Living a Listful{l} Life said...

Rachel, we are doing this every week, please join in! What is your mission this week?

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