2013. I am enough.

Here's the story.

Just like a lot of folks out there, each year I've come up with resolutions that I don't end up keeping much past January 12.

Even when I went a different route in 2012 and chose the word 'brave' as my word of the year, I accomplished about 2.5 of the 10 ways I outlined I'd be brave.

This year?  I'm going to start out with a different idea.

Here is my question for you (It's also the one I've been asking myself for the last few days):
Why do we need to start every year thinking of how we need to fix ourselves?

So often, resolutions are things that we think we need to improve about ourselves. It seems self defeating to start the year off with an attitude that adjustment is needed, when really...just about every person {especially those reading this blog} are pretty darn good people.  Exactly as the person that they are today.

That means you.  Yes.  You.

I dare you to join me.

Sit back and just enjoy the clean slate.  Imagine the opportunities to come in 2013.

Make some plans, get your calendar and planner ready.  But don't go making 101 changes today.  Take it slowly.  Work yourself into it.

No, I'm not giving up on the whole idea of resolutions or having a 'word of the year'.  In fact, I am beyond excited about 2013, its opportunities and the clean slate tht it provides.

And I have big plans. But more on that later.

For now?

And yes. You are too. You are smart enough. You are good enough. And if you're reading my blog, than surely I must like you, right?


Erica Ladd said...

I love this concept! I am making some goals and a word of the year to keep me on track, but I think we need to remind ourselves that we're ok every once in awhile. Especially as women, we tend to feel we are either "too much" or "not enough" all the time, and need to be more positive about ourselves. Well said.

Marci Smith said...

This post is fabulous! I really like the idea of a clean slate and not causing ourselves stress. I am so on board. :)

Natasha Metzler said...

We do this, don't we? Decide how best to change ourselves. Instead of learning how best to simply BE ourselves.

Excellent points. :)

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