I need to 'kuit' them.

It started with the Beverly Hillbillies and Sanford & Sons.
It continued with Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original, thankyouverymuch), Blossom and Friends.
It remains with Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy and The Good Wife.

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"It" is my addiction to television.

Perhaps its not an addiction.

  • I can stop watching at anytime.  Really, I can.  
  • I don't even subscribe to one of the streaming services that brings U.S. television straight to my computer in Scotland.  
  • I've only subscribed to one season pass on iTunes this television year (that'd be for aforementioned Parenthood).  
It might take up too much of my time right now, but a girl needs something to help fill her days when the sun barely comes out, and when the sun does come out its for about SIX whole hours a day. TV is better than some things, anyways.

Not a huge deal, right? 

But.  BUT. The day came.  
I said it never would. 

Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Khloe & Lamar.  Khloe & Kim take Miami.  

What is it with these people?  I always said, "I'll never watch that show.  Follow them on Twitter or Instagram or {insert social media here}.  They are famous for nothing. Every single kid's name starts with the same letter." Oh.  Wait.  That last one was never a reason.    

The fact remains that January 2013 has become my downfall.  I blame it on the UK E! network. Just about every other hour you can find an episode featuring one of the sisters.  Why am I sucked in?  Have I learned anything from these episodes?

No, not really.  

Well, I take that back.

Bruce gave Kourtney a piece of advice on one of the shows yesterday, "your relationship is never going to be better than it is when you are dating.  Marriage doesn't make anything better."  Nah, don't agree. 

And then there was the time he told Kim, "a house is to make memories in."  Duh. 

Okay, so yeah..I've learned nothing.  Um.  Intervention needed. Now.  I need to quit kuit the Kardashians.

But first...I'm off to see how if the launch of Rob's dress sock company is successful.  

No spoilers please.  {wink}


Mary De Bastos said...

Hahaha! Yeah I turned it on the other day and my husband almost freaked out. But, what else was there to watch?! The whole family dynamic is fascinating isn't it?! They are all crazy.

4 weeks without sunshine has just about done me in. I'm thinking about a train ride into Glasgow this week or next. You up for it? I got to get out of the house!

Blair @ Wild & Precious said...

don't quite parenthood. that is such a GOOD show.
love love love it.

ps -- we are taking Q&A for Emily Freeman on #thesamepage's final link up today. would LOVE for you to come leave her a question in the comments. hope you are still enjoying the book! xo

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