Who knew an iPhone could teach me about life

This week my iPhone was incapacitated for two days.

48 hours.
There it is. In a bowl of rice.  

I never thought NOT having my iPhone available would teach me something, but it has.

1. Life will go on without it.  
That's it.  Pretty simple, but true words.

2. There is always a worst case scenario, and really--even that is usually not too bad of a scenario. 
For me, the question was 'what if my iPhone doesn't dry out enough and it stops working'?  What am I going to do?  Well, I have an iPad for most of the things I use the iPhone for (email, social networking, games, kindle app, and the like).  So what I'd be missing is texting and the mobile phone.  And where I'm at right now those two features rarely get used.  Therefore, worst case scenario is that I just go get whatever cheap flip phone option my cell phone carrier has as a replacement.  Not so bad, right?

3. Patience is key & quite possibly can be learned. 
Many of the articles that gave advice on the rice drying out method advised me to wait 48 hours to turn the phone back on.  48 hours?!?!?

I did it. And it was pretty darn easy...especially after the first three or four hours where I was kicking myself for putting my iPhone into this predicament were over.

4. Many things can be done quicker without the distraction of the iPhone. 
Duh.  Lesson learned.

5. Learn the signs Jenny.  Learn the signs.
Seriously, I took this little accident as a sign from the big Master saying, "Hey lady!  Put down your phone and your iPad and pay attention to life.  You can't find your good life just by watching everyone else's stream by."

With that...I'm coming up with some technology resolutions.  Things like limiting the number of times per day I check in with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Trying to only play games like Words with Friends and Dice with Buddies a few times a day.

We will see how it goes, but I am hoping that this can be a learning experience for me.

The good news?  My phone works.  Mostly.

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Marci Smith said...

Awesome post!! UUggg....I am so guilty of being married to my iphone and ipad. You have surely opened my eyes this morning and given me things to think about. I thank you and I'm sure my husband and kids do too!! :)

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