There is so much to be grateful for in 2012.  When I look at back at this year in the future, I hope I am remembering the days and experiences that I've represented with my 12 favorite photos.
Our little lady turned one all the way back on February 1.  Her golden birthday.  

Then her big brother turned three about a month later.  He continues to be a major ham in front of the camera...not that I'm complaining in the least. And it was his big year to start nursery school. 

We repeatedly took advantage of the warmer days that involved sun.  
Because in the fall, winter and spring months here in Scotland they can be few and far between.

  This photo is of J#4 tentatively taking steps outside in March...by the end of the year she was running and taking the slide on her own. 

I think my absolute favorite part of 2012 was watching these two develop a sister/brother relationship.  Their random hugs and cuddles are probably the best thing I've seen in my life.  This was the first one where they got together on their own; I was lucky enough to capture it. 

Then came visitors and travel.  

First up, one of my best friends and her husband came for a stay. 

Then came my Mom...

Who also joined us up in Inverness and at Loch Ness (where this picture was taken)

In July we had the opportunity to take a cruise and visit Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Russia.  Amazing.  Too many photos to choose from.  So... 
The kiddos had to share a bed.  'Nuff said.  

Then just a few weeks later, my brother and his family came to Scotland to see us. 
We all got to make some priceless memories during their visit. 

September was a month for hiking and continued to verify that in fact, 
Scotland does have some beautiful terrains. 

And then we ended out the year with a trip back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving... 
where J#4 got her first manicure.  

And last, a trip to Rome for Christmas. 

Huh.  I'm grateful to have the chance to look back at this year this way.  When you are in the 'thick of it' --with sick kids, a dirty house or cloudy skys--its hard to remember all the highlights, but there have been quite a few.  

I hope you all have a happy new year's eve.  Ours will be quiet, but enjoyable.  

And tomorrow?  My plans and thoughts on 2013.  Here's to making it the best year yet!

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Hilary Fox said...

Love. I'm so glad I got to know you in 2012! Here's to even more good things in 2013!

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Happy New Year! :) Danica

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