What is it about challenges?

There is something about a challenge that makes me thrive.  Not necessarily the every day life kind of challenges {those just have a tendency to stress me out}.  But challenges like writing a novel in a month or training to run a 5K

I have to believe that its one of the reasons that I am finally able to really concentrate on losing weight too, because the Game On Challenge I've been doing for most of the year has been pretty effective (well, mostly) at helping me lose weight...although I'd be better if there was no time off {wink}. 

So that's one of the reasons I put together my 34 in 34 list.  There's a link to it up top there, and I'm also writing about it and my progress so far over at Intend to Live

Unlike my bucket list, obviously the goal is to get all of these things done THIS year. 

So what is it about challenges?  I think its the journey, and more importantly, the feeling of accomplishment when its completed.  It just makes the path more interesting.

Oh, and I need a few new items for the list.  Our travel plans have changed since I first wrote it, and I really want to finish everything so I'm updating it.  Do you have any ideas for me? 

* * *

What do you want to do this year???

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