Living a Listful{l} Life

So.  I'm back.

But, I'm still there.

I'm everywhere, I guess.  ::wink::

But for reals. I wanted to write more.  About everything and nothing.  So, I hope you'll have me back here. If not, I guess I'll just write for myself, and honestly?  There's nothing wrong with that.

I decided a change was in order with this 'ole blog. Mostly because "A Drop in the Bucket" is also the name of a really awesome charity, and I didn't want to get sued.

And then there is the fact that this blog has always been, at its heart, about my bucket list. I've added a few more lists now. My list of 1000 gifts, my 34 in 34 list.  So, it is FULL of lists {listfull, get it?}.

Plus, I want to live an attentive life {attentive is the meaning of listful...huh, interesting, right?}.

So, do you see?

Attentive + Lists = Listful{l} Life.

There you have it. 

Crossing my fingers that you don't get sick of me.   Because I'm going to be everywhere.  Ha.


You've missed my humor, right?   ::wink, wink::
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