I've been missing out

First of all, a disclaimer.  I never expected these words to come out of mouth. 

I think exercise is my favorite part of getting healthy. 

Seriously.  I've been missing out.  But at least I've figured it out now, right? {smile} The fact that to see some of the most beautiful sites, you need to walk hike. 
It might be a two and a half hour hike, 3.75 miles long, with a 1000 feet ascent hike. 

But this is the reward.
Oh yeah.  Plus I burnt 1700 calories. 

* * * 
I'm linking up over at lovely little whimsy today.  Carina has organized an online Biggest Loser competition, with 43 women competing.  And I'm one of them. 

A fun way to possibly win some money while losing weight and having a supportive community.

Hmm., seems to be my favorite way of losing weight, doesn't it? 


RachelM said...

i love that you're linking up with carina! she's my bff from college! :)

RachelM said...

oh! and that hike looks amazing! i wouldn't mind taking a hike in scotland... and burning 1700 calories while at it!

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